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What 9 big unexpected tricky move let sound is tonal more beautiful
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1 every half an year cleans law in the round contact

Everybody knows, the metal is exposed in air before long, surface layer can have oxidation appearance, lose luster, become dark dumb. After although course of surface of outlet of question mark line is aureate,be being handled, oxidize not easily already, have close together contact again with airframe outlet, but the time is long, the oxidation that still can have fixed rate brings about a contact undesirable, lie between half an year to be about at most so clean. Should touch alcohol daub contact with cotton only OK, finish after this weighs time, can make contact reply optimal contact, sound also subsequently clear, a bit more transparent.

Law 2 clean pickup of CD machine laser

Apparent laser pickup has only so the area of one bit, but it reads complete * the earmark on dish extraction CD, because the few small this world on adhere wants only on this pickup enough influence reads the accuracy that takes signal. Although CD machine has sealed airframe mostly, but do not forget to there is space to let dirt get a change to step in in often giving dish to enter the process of dish, a paragraph of day comes down, pickup surface certainly stays have more or less dirt, want machine of to turn on to build screw at this moment, open machine lid to use the alcohol on pily bar spot to clean directly. On market although have all sorts of cleaning CD dish, but you spent a few yuan, those are alleged the dish that wash CD may be * only a brush away sweeps dirt to perhaps be used fleece-faced roll of * of and so on will remove dust, effect be not a patch on uses pily stick directly thorough is complete. When you the ministry is then long not after the CD machine cleanness of shampoo ends, the meeting when rehear makes a person have the feeling that lifts a gauze, and the clarity of former days of high frequency reply, detail is much more pleasant also. This measure that cleans pickup should be done one year probably, the inverting that is use Pioneer system of type record player (laser head is down and rather than up) , what dirt still can be taken by pickup place is electrostatic attract and its get on adhere, so this time still also cannot save.

Law 3 avoid as far as possible machine fold machine

Be based on environmental problem and should fold equipment rise put originally have no alternative, arrive conditional when, should reach the mainest CD dispatch source enlarge sound part to be put independently as far as possible, because jackknife is put,can bring about humorous shake and affect a machine. When the horn broadcasts music, shake air to make follow to equipment shake, two machine photograph is folded can propagate doctrines of the ancient sages each other humorous shake, make the imperceptible message in music punch-drunk, and disturb each frequency paragraph deferent, cause pollution of a kind of audio, be like again among them one is CD machine, the motor when oneself broadcasts dish turns repeatedly aggravate humorous shake extent, the impact is bigger. Want to put equipment independence place on firm frame so.
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