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Dish bird sees multimedia sound box surely collect of error of common choose and
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Be in about average consumer the common error in process of choose and buy of multimedia sound box, the author has the analysis that passes for many times, answer this of broad netizen invite, arrange existing writings again, and added elder brother of ALi of author good friend of newest writing " error of active sound box talks " , the hope can coach broad user is correct sound box of multimedia of choose and buy.

Material is qualitative common error is analytic

The error that goes up character about material, sound box of the commonnest woodiness of nothing is more... than is better than plastic sound box, this believe many users have experience greatly, because walk into,sell, the salesperson is met commonly so the introduction, as a result at incorrectly relay an erroneous information, bring about this finally to look like " axiom " acknowledge. High-end sound box uses woodiness casing mostly in, can avoid casing resonance really so, promotion acoustic quality, but do not represent should using woodiness casing only is good sound box, what most multimedia sound box uses is medium density board (MDF) , qualitative cost of this kind of material is reasonable, performance is good, dan Mou some jerry sound box can use inferior particieboard, the sound box acoustic quality that uses this kind of material to pledge dare not flatter really. Actually the word says, the density of casing material and the main factor that fighting syntonic ability is influence acoustic quality, this also means plastic material to want to be able to reach certain tall physics level only character, can replace the woodiness board such as MDF completely, but with current technology, implementation rises cost is higher. Additional, as global raw material rise in price, the woodiness plate of many manufacturer is smaller and smaller, whether can this maintain the advantage that woodiness plank pledges relative to plastic material to return true it's hard to say.

Casing uses the feature article or story of rambler S2000 surface of piano lacquer craft

Another material pledges the error is craft of lacquer of so called piano, use the multimedia case can be counted on one's fingers of piano lacquer craft truly actually. Introduce according to stylist of senior sound box, the process cost of this kind of casing is very high, it is with rambler S2000 exemple, the casing cost at that time have to nearly 500 yuan. Additionally is: Implement piano lacquer technology impossibly on plastic casing. So if the 2.1 sound box of your low end also use businessman flicker the word of this craft, you had better turn the head goes, because he is connected most sincere letter of the foundation is done not have, do not want and he is long-winded.

Power is common the error is analytic

A lot of users have error of a kind of understanding, think the power of sound box is greater, acoustic quality is better, undeniable, the reserve power of sound box is enough, the dynamic control force to promoting sound box is very helpful, but acoustic quality is a synthesis, cannot simple delimit acoustic quality of high-power become reconciled equal-sign. The user should be mixed according to the size of own room listen to phonic style the power with different right choice, do according to one's abilities, go after high-power not blindly. General the room that 10 square metre control, the sound box that uses 6W-10W is enough and groovy utility.
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