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Understand sound box of array of professional acoustics linear
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In the backside that with a buzz does noisy, still a lot of elements are worn in the influence linear array sound box. Explain and compare be acoustics of linear to existing and different type array below.
According to me recently check the amount, there are 19 companies at least now providing system of linear array sound box (not be simple pillar design) . I do not think is those exceed the lecture only a dozen different product type, I think we can pass the technical noun that is system of array line sound box to undertake defining will finish this our title. Adopt this kind of method, the content that we can master place of linear array sound box to include better and can discern different manufacturer place offers a nowadays the similar point of the product and special place.

In a few words can not accomplish the discussion about this problem, so we must want from about array line sound box most a few problems of the foundation begin, wear in abide next these fundamental issues will discuss more abstruse issue.

Xiaoshi of linear array sound box

There has been half century since linear array sound box exists with the form of pillar sound box, besides the product of American Rudy Bozak, other product is pattern of scope of a kind of sound merely mostly. They are to use normally in cause tall echo space, their narrow and perpendicular scattering can avoid to stimulate the echo area of this kind of space, can offer a taller Q (narrow scattering model) , can enhance audio definition with this.

The L-Acoustics V-DOSC loudhailer that France produces is mixed in Europe all the time the United States is very popular, it is the product of linear array sound box that to concert acoustics the world shows an array line sound box the first to be able to use less drive to be able to achieve higher sound level to be able to get more flowing frequency is answered however undoubtedly. Realise when everybody in given in listening to area; Be in between driver horizontal, and when most circumstance falls to won't produce photograph disappear sex to disturb conflict in vertical plane, the contest began.

Columnar shape is undee

Generally speaking, source of a linear sound will build wave of an acoustical pressing blast face, the wavelengh in a specific limits (frequency) below, this wave blast the face shows inattentive circle to believe condition. Its appearance positive-appearing image the one part on a cake, because the exterior area of a face is only on horizontal outspread, be apart from every time so double when, the range that its affect is double also, this is equal to say to be apart from every time double, level of sound pressure level loss 3dB.

Bulbiform and undee

The point sound source below a good position, for example a loudhailer or one nonlinear sound box bunch can blast off give bulbiform and undee and either a columnar shape is undee. This kind of undee wave blast the face is added in every people the range that its affect on the distance is fourfold level, be equal to be apart from every time double, level of sound pressure level loss 6dB. This says normally namely oppose interval rule, this law applies to the energy that all point sound source launch. Below the case that because this says the largest dominant position of array line sound box is in namely,decides amount loudspeaker, deferent level can compare its Sunday run nonlinear array sound box, or system of sound box of point sound source is a lot of more powerful.
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