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Choose and use an attention of professional sound box the thing supports
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Professional sound box is the mouthpiece of whole sound system, to sound box be being chosen correctly is crucial. When sound box of choose and buy, have must make clear at 2 o'clock: It is sound box choose and buy must be the price and function both eclectic consideration, or the consideration between quality grade and cost. The price of simple only professional sound box can go to tens of thousands of yuan from hundreds of yuan, import what price of high-grade sound box is as high as hundred thousands of yuan to also have, the product that the function of these high-grade sound box compares general in a popular style of course is gotten primely much, cannot take both make compare simply; The 2 considerations that are form and utility, that is to say, press the sound box with different use purpose different choose and buy.

Sound box choose and buy

1. Choose good performance target

Consult above all the concerned technology parameter in sound box manual, be like effective frequency limits, impedance, sensitivity, rated power, directivity, lack fidelity etc. Consulting the attention answers when the manual, effective frequency noisy limits has strict regulation in international IEC standard, but some manufacturers however line out frequency answers limits, do not provide the metabolic case of frequency noisy curve, also showing this frequency noisy range is to press why to plant the standard is measured, because this frequency that such offerring is noisy,parameter is without a meaning. For example a pair of sound box indicate frequency noisy limits is 30Hz~20kHz, but actually low frequency is under 70Hz apparent attenuation, in 30Hz likelihood already damply 20dB, and high frequency also can flowing extend arrives 14kHz. Contrary, limits of frequency of another pair of sound box indicates for 40Hz~16kHz person 3dB, although look hind before the frequency noisy limits of a pair of sound box is done not have one pair wide, but in fact hind before be being compared to sound box one pair good, because of its frequency noisy curve indicates to be in only person the change inside 3dB limits, consequently evenness is gotten much, also want to notice on the index of rated power additionally, on the demarcate that each country and even each factory are worth in power often very abhorrent, some indicating is short-term power of the biggest noise, peak value bears power, music power, instantaneous bears power, because this is numeric,often make greatly than rated power multiple. And the measurement technique of each country and standard also often wide severe differ, for example, JIS standard of Japan often should compare international IEC level a few wider. Accordingly, must making clear when the choose and buy is to press what standard test, those who indicate is rated power or peak value bear power, the result of sound box

Lead the size that should consider to listen to phonic hall hall and certain power reserve. In other factor same condition falls, choose the sound box with great power normally, because such product has power surplus, cause not easily when high-power sound reproduction lack fidelity. Sound box impedance should match with amplifier, cross a serious offence small bad, cannot pass especially small, damage in case equipment. Sound box sensitivity also shoulds not be too big or too small; The sound pressure level that optional 100dB/W/m controls or compare a bit higher appropriate, the frequency noise of sound box basically picks its prescribed minimum, because tall when can amount to mark commonly, and it is more difficult that bass amounts to mark, should choose 40Hz to regard floor level as the standard below.
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