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Establish domestic movie theater to need a few problems that note above all
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How does Everyman establish domestic movie theater?

Most to the number, for the Everyman with economic general capacity, they also have the demand of respects of pair of seeing and hearing. Wide screen, big picture, effect of much track sound, even if be to be in limited space, they also hope can as far as possible the result that achieves cinema level. This kind of requirement, be not cannot come true so.

Here we should clarify an error above all, when a lot of people are preparing to build domestic movie theater, because fear the consideration with economic limited capacity cannot achieve the result between cinema example, often can reduce a level, oversight abandoned the essential factor that should consider more very much even. Such result often emphasizes particularly on only namely at certain material for example the choose and buy of projector, and negligence is other live in a style for example, the problem such as installation.

Is your household style how?

What type is your household style? This problem believes is user of class of a lot of introductions of the easiest oversight. It is home appliance of choose and buy no matter actually, still build domestic movie theater, this issue should want a consideration above all. If once you decide to want to build domestic movie theater, so when be being decorated please, let stylist consider to go in along with all the others. No matter you like, is contracted modernist school, the Chinese style with costly still Europe type elegant perhaps style is designed. At the beginning of because have only,be being designed obligate suitable space, for cinema fixed position, considered wire trend, equitable lamplight distribution, ability makes of appropriate of your domestic movie theater in blending in household, because take a line,won't arise complex and destroy whole to live in a style. Do not break original design to plan.

How much is your budget?

Set budget is a move that before most person is being purchased, can make. But, when building domestic movie theater, is your budgetary allocation reasonable? It is easy to believe this also are a lot of people of oversight. Most person is in product of choose and buy when what take seriously most is projector, meeting tendency chooses 720p even the product of 1080p. Really, regard the core of seeing and hearing as the product, projector assumed the heavy responsibility of indication input, its character decided the effect that the user views and admire directly. But, throwing all budgets entirely is to be worth deliberate a little however here. Domestic movie theater has projector not merely, good video input source is quite main also, for example DVD is broadcasted machine, high-definition broadcast machine is blue even smooth product, only the video of these products handles by, the high-definition advantage ability of projector is come out by sufficient play. Otherwise, even if again high-end projector, the picture that broadcasts common DVD level is qualitative, the effect is finite. Additional, frequency product also should key plan enters a budget in, include sound box, result put etc.
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