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Standard of much track frequency is completely analytic
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As " high-definition " (the abbreviation of high resolution of HD English High Definition) become recent heat, the attention of many image sound lover centers in high-definition video to answer mostly put equipment: If La Guang DVD broadcasted projector of completely machine, high-definition television, 1080p to become a player to talk surely, inscribe, it seems that oversight " high-definition " the system still includes level of high quality much track frequency, the development sequence of thought that we review track frequency standard more than together today.

Prevent than (Dolby) standard of much track frequency

Room of Du Bishi check (prevent compare a company register a name) be by American: Dr. R.M.DOLBY builds, found at first in England, after 1976, the main job of the company transfers American san Francisco. Prevent comparing a company is the world's banner imitate / digital frequency makes an orgnaization, invented early or late prevent than falling system of a confusion of voices, Du Bihuan circles the multinomial technology such as sound system, produced tremendous effect to film acoustics industry and domestic acoustics technology.

1965, the first prevent be born than A noise reduction system, influence recording group is old, after this, check room developed Du Bishi a series of technology: C fall a confusion of voices, SR (spectrum recording) , S fall tone of a confusion of voices, HXPro, Du Bili substance, Du Bihuan is circled, Du Biding to logistic, AC - 1, AC - 2, prevent compare a figure (AC - . These technologies are applied extensively at major and civil sound equipment, film recording, the cinema is answered put equipment, the respect such as digital broadcast.

Du Biding surrounds to logic sound although the effect is outstanding, but the category that still attributes imitate skill, having congenital inadequacy. Mature increasingly as what count word technology and issue the requirement of generation telecast, room of Du Bishi check and Japanese van company released them to cooperate 1994 those who develop development is brand-new system of sound of movie and TV of digitlization much passageway: AudioCoding - 3 (abbreviation AC - 3) , 1997 more the name is prevent than the number (DOLBY DIGITAL) , it is to build surround in directional logic the standard of pure number frequency over acoustical foundation, all can use in large cinema and domestic movie theater.

Prevent comparing TrueHD is to be the nondestructive that place of high-definition CD media develops to compress a technology only (be HD DVD is mandatory frequency standard, optional standard of La Guang, at present HD DVD has faded out of high-definition arena) , sheet talks technical principle, the DVD-audio before be being mixed actually is a little similar, but its are most supportable amount to 13.1 track, highest code flows those who achieved 18Mbps is gigantic, a kind of frequency that is special BT flows (should transmit with HDMI interface, the transmission that traditional digital interface cannot have satisfied this frequency to flow) , the recording studio mother with the abundance of its information content and highest definition takes without the slightest difference, let while the user can enjoy high definition image, also can enjoy sound of exclamatory making a person.
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