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Sing different mike differently to choose
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Of song sing have different color, diverse demand, also have sing skill differently, also be about to beg acoustics so of all sorts of types different style sing perfect the earth's surface to come out now. Beautiful tone song is to reflect tonal and beautiful; Ethical song is to reflect ethical gust and local colour; Popular song is to reflect dark feeling; And rock and roll song is to reflect driving enthusiasm. Because the style of song differs somewhat, the demand that its acoustics handles is diverse also.
The choice of mike

1, the choice that beautiful tone song sings mike

Frequency should be chosen to answer the capacitance type mike with very wide range when singing beautiful tone song, installation is worn in tall word on, have remote pickup. Sing on artistic arena, mike and mouth the distance is commonly between 20-60cm. In large award contest is sung in, mike and mouth the distance is 60-80cm commonly. Its are in highly person face and mouth above, can show the face the picture so. This kind remote pickup has certain reverberation to reflex sound to enter mike, make become tinnily mix thick, natural, bouncy feel with the space.

Choose pickup of capacitance type mike, because the frequency of capacitance type mike answers limits,be wide, jumpy high frequency upper limit can amount to 18-20kHz. Because beautiful tone phonates the method is tonal and beautiful, its overtone amount is much, high frequency overtone frequency is very tall, the high frequency overtone of high musical sound can amount to 10-20kHz. So, need has pickup with capacitance type mike. Because this kind of mike is OK,collect the part of all high frequency overtone in singing mike entirely, change into frequency signal. Because the sensitivity of capacitance type mike is taller, cannot hold means in order to use use microphone so. If mike leaves an opening model too close, can cause mike to cross carry on one's shoulder lack fidelity phenomenon. Some sound quality not tall or the singer that lacks acoustics knowledge often does not understand this reason, seek an opening blindly model too close from mike, cause consequently although loudness is very big, but distortion factor also greatens, make before dawn color becomes very poor.

2, the choice that ethical song sings mike

The range of ethical song is bigger, some song are approximate Yu Meisheng style, also some song are approximate the style at popular song, so the choice of its mike also differs somewhat each. When artistic arena performed ethical song, also should choose capacitance type mike to have pickup. But, the mouth distance with mike should be sung than beautiful tone song nearly a few, it is 20-400cm commonly, and slightly under mouth position. Hand-held can be used to move the mike that encircle type to undertake singing when hall of singing and dancing is sung.

3, the choice that popular song sings mike

When singing popular song, should choose hold say microphone of low sensitivity of the type that use a group nearly, because popular song is,be main characteristic with dark affection, should use so tell nearly, means of close quarters pickup. Shortened so singing news source and listen sound person distance. Tell from angle of listen respectfully psychology, can produce a kind of kind move.
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