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Make " invisible " image sound broadcasts new trend -- sound box of the type tha
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Enter wall type horn, just as its name implies can install the sound box inside wall body one kind namely. The characteristic with this kind of the largest sound box saves a space namely, the gender concealments goodly to won't affect the design style of whole room again in the meantime. And in system of domestic movie theater, of the horn that enter a wall concealment function makes the attention of the audience more center on screen, accordingly, the horn that enter a wall got welcome ardently in the developed country of Euramerican and other places. So, be in this period the special subject that we organized the horn that enter a wall in special plan, the place that notices to the need when its characteristic, installation and choose and buy made the introduction of one by one, the image sound new pattern that the hope lets wide readership is tremendous to this one latent capacity has sufficient understanding and knowledge. If introductory content has insufficient place, still see forgive and make a comment or criticism. And among the magazine henceforth, we will introduce the actual application case that concerns wall horn morely, the hope can have guiding effect to consumer.

Enter the current situation of wall horn

Be in before, great majority of the horn that enter a wall applies in domain or the circumstance such as system of hotel, theater, public broadcasting, they basically are to be used broadcast background music. Will tell commonly, no matter horns of these the type that enter a wall are in the craft that make or function index respect are existing with traditional family expenses loudhailer certain difference. Accordingly, in the expression of sound quality the respect is returned cannot be likened to with traditional family expenses loudhailer. But as a result of most year come consumer rises ceaselessly to the grade of interior design and among the making range that more and more professional loudhailer produce big plant to use the technology of oneself to devote into wall horn, the making level of horn of wall making a person and sound quality rise ceaselessly, make them progressively move toward family expenses market thereby.

And cent is the haply of the horn that enter a wall that sells on market at present 2 kinds. The first kind is horn of the type that enter a wall (In-Wall Speakef) , the horn of this kind of type can be installed advanced, hind, on left, right wall, and more also on the use amount of horn unit, be in commonly 2 above, consequently bulk also subsequently and increase, price photograph contrast is costlier, also be uptodate at the same time in one of products with the top utilization rate in system of domestic movie theater. Like Atlanta of M&K, B&W, KEF, Atlantic Technolony() , Snell AcOLISitcS(rhyme) , JMlab Focal(powerful wave) , Genelec(true power) , the brand such as Trlad has similar product. Additionally one kind is smallpox horn (In-Ceiling Speaker) , call type suction a top the horn again. This kind of horn and former and different point depend on it basically is installation go up in the ceiling, in suiting to wait for the space with not large area in study, bedroom very much, broadcast with what make background music. In the appearance respect of the horn, of our common smallpox horn before baffle is a circle commonly, the horn unit measure that uses as a result of its is relatively former want little, be in 2 usually unit or the following, bulk is greatly accordingly contractible, the price is formerer also cheap. Afore-mentioned market price of these horns that enter a wall are normally undertake calculative only with sheet, consumer people the amount that can buy a horn according to his real need.
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