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Encircle a city of success of client center strategy 100 consider city of the ci
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American consumption electron is retail on the battlefield of the industry, exceed " 8 ungual fish " who is Woerma's?

The answer is year of sale of 27.4 billion dollar 100 think of buy (Best Buy) , ji Jun is in former days city of industry overlord circuit (Circuit City) .

Integrated model supermarket Wo Erma can make competition additionally talk, and special type shopkeeper 100 think of buy the competition with circuit city more give tit for tat...

The electron is consumed in North America on retail battlefield, of 3 minutes of the world is 100 think of buy, city of Woerma, circuit. 100 think of buy and tycoon of chain of sale of these two special type performed circuit city one act is geomantic the good fun that turns by turns. Circuit city ever by Collins " from outstanding to outstanding " judge for reputable company, however by 100 consider the new show of of people of talent that buys drive of this extremely rich innovation, drive next number one throne...

1996, be worth circuit city engrave, this year 100 think of buy a success " encircle a city " , first degrees are surmounted in those days industry helm main circuit city. Establish the circuit town 1949, was defeated to held water 1966 100 think of buy, latter is in 30 years rise abruptly, and from this bright red big violet. The younger generation will surpass the older makes circuit city bemused, ponder over the new outlet under predicament of encircle a city, already was urgent affairs.

100 think of buy " client center strategy " the commercial power that emphasizes experiencing economy, detail turns the magic power of the service, much brand is combined, fashionable course, allied thinking... does the countermeasure of circuit city where? It sets out afresh, RE acts, REWIRE(IT reframes) , REMODEL(figure give somebody a new lease on life) , RELOCATE(new optional location) , REFOCUS(new focusing) ...

Same industry, different player. Same view, different eye and angle, those who see is different side focal point. Do not have involuntary discharge of urine without general view, industry kaleidoscope bewilderment partial eye, however from somebody fluoroscopy reachs far-reaching point.

100 think of what kind of key and key is buying what see severally with circuit city? Simple a word will tell, 100 think of buy more banner brightly stresses client center strategy, and the attention that the action of circuit city is showing to its upgrade to the technology undoubtedly however. Accordingly, 100 think of the focal point that purchases research to depend on " person " , and circuit city however more the charm of science and technology and infatuate. Think in layer of circuit city government IT framework rebuilds reaching data to analyse will be circuit city when the key of heavy Zhen Xiongfeng, what it thinks is how to let a technology upgrade to serve play function for the client better, nevertheless this can not substitute the value that serves level personnel.
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