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Where is the difference of Chinese enterprise and Korea SamSung
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Be in early 1995, when Li Jianxi preparation is weighed brace up SamSung when, still regard actual adversary as enterprise of Chinese home appliance. Be opposite technically even the strategy of white home appliance of sea Er has made an analysis, after 10 years today, year of turnover of SamSung the 1/4 that is Korea Gross National Product about, the market prise of the company occupies Korea to appear on the market about 60% of company total market prise, samSung became right world famous brand. And Where is home appliance enterprise of China? Still just continueing " discuss " internationalization is what mode, still be in even for so called " European model

Type " and " day Han mode " contend for be flushed. A professor also is unable to bear or endure disease breathes out: Home appliance enterprise of China, you why sneaking? !

CEO, it is the meaning of presiding apparitor originally, but SamSung operator group call Li Jianxi " highest ethics operator " (Chief Ethics Officer) , chinese enterprise is at most " presiding apparitor " , does Chinese enterprise CEO leave " highest ethics operator " is there many far?

Quality: Chinese enterprise lacks the responsibility heart to quality

On March 9, 1995 morning at 10 o'clock, in the playground of SamSung electron, collected employee of 2000 polynomial SamSung, binding on the head " quality assures " list, hanging on rostrum " the character that character is me and proper pride " big scroll, in the center of the playground, piling the product such as machine of 150 thousand mobile phones, cordless telephone, electrograph, market price is as high as 50 billion Han Yuan, cadre employee knocks these unqualified products with hammer break and throw internal heat inside, this is the cremation ceremony of the rejected product of SamSung.

Chinese enterprise is like foreigner of readily take the opportunity to to be opposite Chinese product " qualitative second price cheap " evaluation, take delight in talking about at so called " compare a dominant position " , rely on low factor of production, do not think from education first-class staff is made, want to be able to be produced only go, next Japan is loose having " demiurgic make a person first " concept, oversight of Chinese enterprise just the person's element, do not talk to go up at all so high quality.

Additional, tell from system level, chinese enterprise is lacked " recall " system, chinese enterprise also " be concerned about face-saving " , it is range of products appeared obviously problem, hinder however at the enterprise " face " not recall, of course also won't ground of do sth on a large scale holds cremation ceremony to unqualified product like SamSung. Be the thing that the event that sea Er breaks freezer also was 1985, and what sea Er is bungled is at that time " auspicious snow " brand refrigerator. Chinese enterprise often is to be in " make beautiful " , and SamSung moves real for quality however.
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