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The station is in as gigantic as the world without bully report of stage of PK s
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On April 7, 2005, on exposition of acoustics of lighting of major of German Frankfurt international, middleaged man guides a Germany large quantities of Germany reporters, go straight towards to be located in those who exhibit house brim to exhibit a stage continuously.

"Germany Bo Shigong of Rob spy · manages (the following abbreviation " rich world " ) the product of system of conference of E set number that accuses company of your stage phone is produced, violated the exterior patent that rich world company owns. Product of your system of conference of E set number must the spot is removed exhibit. Product of your system of conference of E set number must the spot is removed exhibit..

This middleaged man is the judge of court of German Frankfurt place, the Shenzhen stage report that ginseng of Germany of his all along postpones is industrial limited company (the following abbreviation " stage report " ) delivered a piece to prohibit making temporarily, the spot of product of system of conference of E set number of requirement stage report is removed exhibit, and immediately exhibits stage phone company this type that go up hands in the court that counterpoises by Bo Shishou to carry out a person to seal up for keeping.

On April 8, german media publishs a report: Judge of Frankfurt place court is advanced on exposition of acoustics of international major lighting, confiscated a large number of " with low price get victory fake electronic product " , allude mainly the stage report that comes from Chinese Shenzhen.

The international patent that an issue involves both sides to develop a major programme of lasting importance contends for battle to be pulled open from this prelusive.

Making what market personage exclamations is, nowadays, this is pointed to " fake " , little known civilian battalion enterprise -- stage report the share of market of digital conference system with 30 % , right ever almost of hold the market gigantic without bully -- rich world constitutes stronger and stronger challenge.

The Shenzhen in digital conference system form of civilian look forward to

On July 10, 2003, the assembly room of the conference of allied head of the 2nd Africa that holds in the palm in general of Mozambique capital horse, the leader of 53 members country wore U.N. secretary-general Annam and blame alliance simultaneous interpretation implement. The person that attend the meeting discovers, simultaneous interpretation implement indicating clearly manufacturer: ) of TAIDEN(stage report.

2002, it is the group of age of rich of large transnational corporation of major servicing with car spare parts, electron, bought " flying benefit riverside " professional work of digital conference system, make the market share of system of conference of this group figure ranks the whole world the first. And make this rank the whole world what anticipation of 500 strong the enterprise that cross a state are less than is, it encounters the most forceful challenge in China is not to come from " Suo Ni " wait for well-known trademark, come from however at Shenzhen a civilian battalion is new and high technical company -- stage report.
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