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The application of RH professional sound box in Beijing program exhibition
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Beijing program exhibition is base of Beijing patriotism education, the exhibition of large special subject that is the history that shows Beijing city to plan development in the round, current situation and future. Exhibit a house to divide 4, floor area is 16 thousand square metre about, reveal an area to make an appointment with 8000 square metre. Already became global expert, scholar to begin the stage of academic communication now, reveal Beijing and Chinese history and achievement of plan and construction, future to develop the important window of the target.

The urban model area in Beijing program exhibition is to exhibit the largest window inside the house, it is one of the largest town planning models on eye preexistence bound, whole model exhibits an area nearly 1300 square metre, scale 1:750, among them model area 302 square metre, periphery full shop is patted with scale boat photographing box of video picture tube piece nearly 1000 square metre.

Meanwhile, in area of model of Beijing program exhibition, the toughened glass that has strong reflex character and metal occupied the 93% above that dimensional surface accumulates. In the broad and bright hall hall of 1300 square metre. Cause the increase that reflexes area and level directly, form very long reverberation time. To solve this one problem, the contrast that the weather that assumes construction of place enlarge sound achieved abstruse dimension company to undertake iteration to domestic and international product and technology and research, capture with all one's strength this difficulty.

In large volume reverberation time long acoustics environment falls, using the method that electroacoustic system is made up for or improvement hears basically is the energy of direct sound wave that strengthens enlarge voice (enlarge sound basically is to offer) of direct sound wave. We increase systematic direct sound wave as far as possible (namely D is worth) . The method that overlay of many sound box uses when enlarge sound system needs to be pressed aloud will obtain, although can achieve louder voice to press such doing, but the issue that also is put in acoustical interference, affected acoustic quality to still increase investment not only. How changing this kind of appearance is the task that sound engineers are studying all the time, till the RENKUS-HAINZ company ability creativity of United States of 20 centuries end the ground invented a kind to cry " COENTRANT " technology, this advanced technique is will many high frequency with driver of intermediate frequency loudhailer (much Qi is in charge of) scientific and reasonable permutation is become linear, because arrange span and different frequency to cause,adjust " time difference " , after making the energy of each transducer accumulates to form point sound source together by same a bugle type diffraction implement undertake projecting. Make thereby loudhailer not only the biggest reputation can be obtained to press in the smallest casing, and the distributinging uniformity of high frequency frequency in still improving sound greatly. The wide frequency that is a kind of be worthy of the name, high output, low lack fidelity, point sound source (coaxial alt point sound source and point sound source of much Qi canal) new idea loudhailer.
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