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NO.1 of bay of Harbin blue wave enlighten acoustics project
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Harbin is new the Pearl River that found is compound project of public place of entertainment NO.1 of You Labo bay enlighten with quantity of Pearl River money-locker the KTV that peddle style is formed. Wear structural build with contemporary steel, whole invests 80 million yuan, hong Kong first song enterprise supplied equipment of lighting of world top class sound. It is Harbin city the public place of entertainment of most luxurious, avant-courier, attract countless young men and womens in the evening everyday here mad song heats up dance.

Lighting effects

NO.1 of blue wave bay enlighten it is design of brand-new unifinication of seeing and hearing, american Community is newest the show sound system that roll out -- T-CLASS appears first here.
Considering NO.1 of blue wave bay enlighten irregular field, in enlarge sound design, first song stylist chose 12 T-CLASS sound box, comprise two groups of quadrature array to serve as full-court respectively advocate enlarge sound, among them sound box of TFR complete frequency 8, sound box of TSS118 ultralow frequency 4. Sound box of TFR series complete frequency uses the design of load of 3 scale down, bugle, can satisfy all sorts of short, medium, far cannon-shot to apply spatial need. The driver of M200 intermediate frequency with bass of refrigeration of fluid of a pair of 12 inches of patent magnetism and particular Community, high frequency part is driver of two inches of UC2, deserve to a metalloid oscillatory film will raise its immanent damp decreases time award, make its are in extremely low break can offer more accurate frequency to output at the same time really. TSS118 sheet exceeds the sound public-address system that suitable can weighs heavy bass sound box and sound box of 5 kinds of different TFR complete frequency is right be perfect in every way 18 inches, this combination satisfies sound to project the need that shoots angle. The combination of TFR and TSS118 brings quake hill to shake the low frequency effect like, satisfied NO.1 of blue wave bay enlighten enlarge sound need, preeminent acoustic quality is being deduced to put a city on the ice to the queen's taste sound.
The coaxial of TWIN-12X sound box, much angle is designed, make its have wider application, stylist chose 4 TWIN-12X to be returned as arena listen proper, here the hears oneself voice with accurate performer, make its can more outstanding play. The LA15 series of Wharfedaler assists enlarge sound box and sound box of LIX218 ultralow frequency low, having the show with outstanding effect as much.
Respect of acoustics enlarge sound, still chose the advanced equipment such as digital sound console and PEAVEY DIGTOOLS processor. Acoustics and the technology with synchronous lamplight make theatrics glorious luxuriant, profusion is dazzing, enjoy with dazzling vision and hearing to the person. The laser that glow foils a whole scenic is luxuriant, deafening acoustics lets happy fan full the stimulation that tastes hearing to go up.
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