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System of conference of professional acoustics video applies Hua Ping at Fujian
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One, project setting:
Earthquake and seismic calamity are the problem that the whole world cares jointly, our country is to suffer one of states with seismic the most serious calamity, the Sichuan that happened on May 12, 2008 shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, shake feeling affects most therein country, the people's livelihood of the economic progress that gives a state, person causes significant loss alive.

As a result of seismic calamity photograph to other and natural disaster, have very strong specific characteristics. Make seismic bureau must come to help to the spot of later period all the time from the lash-up early-warning of early days resume the work, need to supervise to the job of whole journey responsible, seismic bureau is only a branch that participates in to catastrophic accident whole journey.

2, design an object

Hua Ping AVCON built command system of various earthquake lash-up for Fujian earthquake bureau, the information that is the branch such as branch of earthquake of class of center of implementation earthquake bureau and district government, public safe director, fluctuation, communal media is delivered quickly, the function of efficient processing, also be to be a government to resist at the same time the effectively technical measure that seismic direct providing disaster relief provides.

When seismic happening, below the support of lash-up command system, can judge the situation such as seismic dimensions, incidence, loss quickly, offer a series of lash-up program accordingly, for public safety headquarters carries out all sorts of behavior providing disaster relief, provide information auxiliary and decision-making. Realize the communication chart between rear headquarters and seismic spot to resemble deferent, visible direct, make various government is in aseismatic in providing disaster relief can reasonable attemper, scientific and decision-making, direct reachs the designated position.

System of conference of video of direct of lash-up of Fujian earthquake bureau is to be based on IP network (use SDH time slot to differentiate technology) video conference system: The quality of high-definition clear picture of the digital level that can achieve 4CIF below 1M bandwidth.

System of conference of AVCON network video is conference center node with bureau of Fujian Province earthquake, stage of bureau of each city earthquake, earthquake regards 2 class as node, province city is formed to classification after the project is finished group net, fujian earthquake bureau centers group net means of management, more important is, this system had realized interconnection each other to connect with national earthquake bureau, implementation is two-way and alternant and double shed each other to connect. In addition, be worth what carry is, of this system inside set a function to be able to be will be down class city conveniently henceforth outspread, patulous construction 3 class network made adequate preparation.
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