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Stadium of courtyard of Lai in relief agronomy enlarge sound project
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Campus of Qingdao of courtyard of Lai in relief agronomy is located in in relief district of Qingdao city city, cover an area of 1091 mus, already finished floor area 436 thousand square metre, its indicate the gender is built " stadium of courtyard of Lai in relief agronomy " 2003 completion of the end of the year, equipment of LAX professional sound measured a body to have something made to order for its sound system of enlarge of a spot.

The sound equipment on rostrum

Stadium all sides all is pavilion, there is canopy on rostrum only, so acoustics can decorate the canopy in rostrum to go up only. But stadium is football ground of a standard increases a 400 meters level round runway, rostrum across the distance of last pew achieves bleachers 60 go to 70 meters, so must ability of sound box of long shot Cheng is taken care of across the pavilion of bleachers.

Advocate enlarge sound used LAX newest designs for stadium house PS-3 sports place sound box of canister of set round-the-clock number. PS-3 is frequency of 12 inches of dichotomy round-the-clock bugle structure, appearance of high mark canister passes CAD and real kind confirm, assured low lack fidelity, efficient reach constant directivity. PS-3 by two 3" high driving unit and unit of a sound in 12" are comprised, have the alt performance with the euqally good L-3 in series of similar LAX show, frequency noise is wide, sound pressure level is high, acoustical pressing is balanced, radiation role is broader. Casing surface uses technology of spray of glass reinforced plastics, besides can bear besides the rigid collision of particular strength, still have good waterproof properties.

Be in " stadium of courtyard of Lai in relief agronomy " in the system, rostrum canopy top arranged round-the-clock bugle call of 8 LAX PS-3, basically be the match field and the pavilion opposite side has enlarge reputation, two side bleachers was used a string of 1 respectively in rostrum canopy top hang two LAX TH-22 double sound box of frequency of 12 inches of dichotomy undertakes projecting. Go up in view of rostrum build have canopy, distributinged equably below canopy so sound box of frequency of very little dichotomy of 8 TH-12 12 undertakes projecting. The E series result of the LAX that all sound box all use tall sex price to compare is put undertake driving, high-powered result puts E series to develop the property of sound box to best condition, the system still used LAX SE230, CL2000, the peripheral equipment such as PSC801II undertakes control and be handlinged to the system.

After period of time is used, job of evaluation of system of whole to stadium sound stabilizes use unit, sound is even, clear, acoustical intensity of pressure is great and not harsh.
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