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Case fragrance is double functional heft solution, through CAT5 implementation i
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Recently, case fragrance announces to roll out 3 new systems compositive product, the sound that is used at using heft video form / video system. These new products are application of annunciate of system of large family entertainment, number and high quality sound / the good choice that video installs, 3 all solutions all can be in a simple case realizes two functions in the solution, clipper-built equipment is installed easily.
4x4 heft frequency realizes any 4 heft video to believe the direct link of source and 4 monitor through CAT5 matrix, at the same time supportive number and imitate frequency are inputted / output. Park random is long-range the individual receiver of monitor, can use cable of a CAT5 to answer Lian Xinyuan only. The perfect sound video that can amount to resolution 1080p is duplicate, transmit to 300 meters of far distances. Long-range receiver can be bought alone according to the system, it supplies 8 equipment between without seam matrix switch.
Signal of two new funds allocates amplifier, the sound that will use heft form / video system departs and transmit two or 4 same signal. Through using the CAT-5 of industrial level to be able to make frequency and video choose with be as high as 1080p completely high-definition resolution is lengthened to 300 meters far, this makes these allocate amplifier to be in new or in the installation of face-lifting indispensable.
1:2With 1:4Heft frequency allocates amplifier through CAT-5, move with same way. Heft video input is departed and send all the way reach two or 4 monitor, frequency input and output include TOSlink of imitate RCA, number and S/PDIF form. Signal can is in to allocate amplifier to go up to this locality joins or be lengthened to the long feature that be apart from the ground. Of a variety of frequency formats and heft video extend, the independent receiver that passes every monitor comes true. The user can buy the receiver that exhibits with Yu Ta quite for monitor only, according to its demand custom-built system.

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