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Circle in the air solution of campus of monitor of video of network of grand onl
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1. Demand analysis

· system creates 5 monitoring front (undertake monitoring to 5 campuses namely) , every monitoring front (campus) use 2 to photograph like the head. The system builds center of a monitoring to undertake centralized monitoring, namely monitoring center is photographed to 10 front at the same time undertake monitoring kinescope like the dot.

· does not increase photograph premise resembling a head to fall, to increase monitoring scope, every are photographed auxiliary like the head with cloud stage; Monitor to rise at the same time the effect, photograph use like camera lens 3 alterable (but dynamoelectric change focal length, depth of field, aperture) camera lens.

The transmission bandwidth that · makes sure transmission line is achieved or exceeds video coder asks (lowest asks every video has 128kbps to transmit bandwidth, the proposal achieves 1.5mbps) .

· can increase sensor or detector according to need, can realize a system to be moved repeatedly.

· is collected to front video image, surveillance and kinescope undertake in monitoring center. Specific requirement waits for kinescope calm (every video saves file to disk to expend 200mb space about hourly) .

2. Main facility camera reachs camera lens: Photograph use 6 times 3 alterable camera lens like camera lens, camera matchs to it.

Cloud stage: It is OK like the head to can assure to photograph in fluctuation 4 or so direction have campaign, in order to obtain bigger perspective. Cloud stage support is adjusted photograph focal length resembling a head, depth of field, aperture, better with be being obtained at any time image collects the result. The action of cloud stage decoder is: The number of telecommunication of digital signal translate into that will control Duan Chuanlai, drive cloud stage to have campaign.

Circle in the air server of grand network video (XHNVS) : Circle in the air server of grand network video (XHNVS) the H.263 that is video (the video encode agreement that H.263 is ITU-T formulate, the characteristic is transmission bandwidth the demand is little, suit this system many a little bit to transmit a requirement particularly) coder, make the video that regards imitate as signal originally is able to be on the network undertake transmission. In addition, it has TV-OUT capacity, can output to monitor. Can it still can join all sorts of calling the police equipment, will call the police the signal that equipment generates is sent to far end; Can have frequency two-way transmit; Can undertake cloud stage is controlled. Transmit every XHNVS video to need at least the bandwidth of 128KBPS, need 1.5MBPS bandwidth at most (consideration network height is pounded) , usually, better video image result can be achieved below the bandwidth of 400KBPS.

Circle in the air videocorder of grand hard disk (XHDVR) : XHDVR can receive XHNVS code to flow, save hard disk, meanwhile, XHDVR still sheds NVS code solution to press reductive, undertake outputting to monitor. Pass XHDVR, the user can be configured include a line to connect time, code to shed the NVS parameter such as quality of rate, picture again. XHDVR is had much mediumer save file to disk means, include: Time kinescope, I/O calls the police shift of linkage kinescope, video detects kinescope, hand moves kinescope to wait. Code shedding memory makes an appointment with 200MB every are horary, save file to disk certainly computation can make whether be added in order to decide disk configuration is reached after time asks distribute disk array system. The system uses XHNVS to regard front as coder, use XHDVR describes medium decoder as systematic principle (actual XHDVR not only have decoder effect, the core that also is whole system at the same time and control center) .
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