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97 China export a trade fair (wide hand in meeting)
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The 97th wide hand in meeting the trade fair is about to export in China Pa continent exhibits a house (Guangzhou city sea bead area new harbor east road) with China exit trade fair sheds beautiful road to exhibit a house (Guangzhou city sheds beautiful route 117) cent period is held, specific ginseng exhibits limits to be as follows:

first phase: 4, October 15 ~ 20 days (cloth exhibits: 13 ~ 14 days midday)
Pa continent exhibits a house
A, industry kind: Products of family expenses, electron, lamps and lanterns, tool, mechanical, small-sized car and fittings, hardware, building materials, chemical industry and mineral products, car and engineering are mechanical;
Road drifting a flower exhibits a house
Dress of B, spin kind: Textile of dress, family expenses, carpet, . Skin of change of fabrics of spin raw material, drawwork, fur coat reachs eider down goods;
Medicine of C, food kind: Health care of food and tea, medicine is tasted reach medical apparatus and instruments;

The 2nd period: 4, in October 25 ~ 30 days (cloth exhibits: 23 ~ 24 days midday)
Pa continent exhibits a house
A, daily expense consumes category: Bag of cap of animal produce of commodity, earth, furniture, pottery and porcelain, household utensils and eat hutch things, shoe, box, sports and travel are recreational goods of things, Tie Shi;
Road drifting a flower exhibits a house
Category of B, ceremony: Gift, adornment, toy, make up stationery of cloth, horticultural, horological glasses, office, gem and bone sculpture jade carving

The detail examines please: Website of Chinese exit trade fair

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