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2005 exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring
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One, limits of item on display:

① communication product; Component of electron of ⑥ of; of fittings of electron of ⑤ of; of product of electron of individual of ④ of; of science and technology of information of ③ of; of ② multimedia product; ⑦ seeing and hearing
Service of trade of ⑩ of; of product of security personnel of ⑨ of; of electric home appliances Electronic product exhibited Hong Kong spring to differentiate by product and country respectively 2004 exhibition area. If the product of expensive department accords with cent of afore-mentioned item on display only
Kind medium any, can sign up attend this to exhibit product house, detailed sees accessory 1; In exhibiting item on display to enclothe afore-mentioned classification like the ginseng of expensive department
Two above (contain two) , can sign up attend this to exhibit national house namely integrated house, detailed sees accessory 2. Product house and integrated house are located in not
Exhibit an area together, price of every standard stall is same.

2, ginseng exhibit expense:

1, ⑴ standard exhibits a stall of 9 square metre to be 27600 yuan of RMBs
⑵ standard exhibits a stall of 15 square metre to be 46000 yuan of RMBs
Every square metre is ⑶ exhibition open space 2640 yuan of RMBs
2, sign up register cost: 2, 000 yuan of RMBs / unit
3, in harbor living cost: Take oneself by national level (lodge everyday expend 600 HK dollar, board expense 200 HK dollar, general incidental expenses 100 HK dollar;
Cost of person small incidental expenses is 55 dollars 11 days) . If need to pass my company explain get foreign exchange, can assemble corresponding RMB my department account, by my fair
Manage era is gotten.
4. item on display carries: My company provides place of goods of two market of Shanghai and Guangzhou, offer ginseng exhibit an unit convenient choice. Freight is pressed ginseng exhibit an unit
Goods of item on display is measured and " carriage guideline " the standard is handed in, " carriage guideline " additional hair.

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