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Large activity and relevant communication technology, sound resembling made Fran
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Sponsor an unit: German Frankfurt exhibits limited company to sponsor

Postpone meeting introduction:

To continue to develop the international market of product of our country electron, get used to exhibition to specialization the trend of development, promote commission approval via China International commerce, my firm joins constituent home relevant company on April 6, 2005 - 9 days (exhibition period 4 days) large activity and relevant communication technology, sound resembling makes the international that holds in German Frankfurt reach recreational exhibition (Prolight Sound) , namely exhibition of technology of acoustics of major of former Frankfurt international, lamplight.

Large activity and communication technology, sound resembling makes Frankfurt international reach recreational exhibition, abbreviation: Prolight Sound namely " International Trade Fair For Event And Communication Technology, AV-Production And Entertainment " should exhibit exhibit limited company to sponsor by German Frankfurt.

"Prolight Sound " annual, exhibited 2004 can the 650 companies ginseng that comes from 20 many nations of world and area is exhibited, exhibit an area to exceed 56, 000 square metre. Attracted 20, the professional audience of 320 person-time comes round to look around. It is the dimensions and force have most in congener exhibition professional exhibition on eye preexistence bound, the manufacturing business that is product of technology of acoustics of major of world each country, lamplight and commerce Trade Fair show the field with new product, new the mainest technology, also be world each district purchases the understanding of business, jobber, shopkeeper, main market that purchases this domain goods.

One, ginseng exhibit formalities:

The unit that every application ginseng exhibits asks serious item-by-item to fill in " ginseng going abroad extends application form " and " select ginseng going abroad exhibits personnel forms for reporting statistics " , after the leader signs and building official seal, be sent before date of expiration signing up or the fax manages to me.

Submitting application form please while will sign up register cost to reach 10, 000 yuan of stall book gold to collect to my department. Make clear please when remittance " Frankfurt acoustics, lamplight was exhibited 2005 " model of written characters.

The application form that my company receives you, sign up after registering cost and stall to book gold, join interconnected system each all along exhibit an unit to affirm exhibit.

I manage ginseng of medium and small businesses of will unified application extends subsidy, the cent after the paragraph arrives sends each ginseng to exhibit an unit (if should be in a place,application allowance shifts to an earlier date please written specification) .

Date of expiration signing up: On December 30, 2004
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