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2005 Shenzhen international is electroacoustic new product, new technology, new
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Sponsor an unit:
Chinese Electronic Society applies magnetics branch
Hong Kong international can exhibit service limited company

Support an unit:
Chinese electroacoustic association
Chinese Electronic Society
Branch of component of Chinese Electronic Society
Love billow electrical appliance
Health beautiful group
Tianjin is really beautiful

Undertake unit:
Guangdong wisdom exhibits exhibition limited company

Support media:
" international is electroacoustic market conditions "
" technology of seeing and hearing "
" electroacoustic technology "
" technology of economic picture sound "
" technology of domestic movie theater "
" electronic resource "
" yuan express of parts of an apparatus "
" electronic big market "
" message of Chinese electron trade "
Industry of sound of image of Hui Cong net
Net of equipment of Chinese image sound
Net of sound world business affairs
Inventory is online

Current extend the advantage of the meeting:

Be located at the Shenzhen of Pearl River delta, it is one of manufacturing birthplace with electroacoustic industry rapid development, market work, trade at an organic whole, sale network pervades world each district. Current exhibiting can be Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia, middle east, Euramerican more wait for country and area of area and other places the focusing dot of electroacoustic industry businessman, wait through each large network, magazine, newspaper all-around the conduct propaganda of channel, promotion, form Chinese area to have the electroacoustic trade grand meeting of dimensions most.

Promotion of strong conduct propaganda, overall organization reports:

1, professional magazine, TV, broadcasting station, website organizes a report in the round, media of promotion of strong conduct propaganda, global report amounts to many 30.
2, mail with network of existing database, client, email and website sth resembling a net invitation letter, the dispatch before exhibiting, send visiting certificate.
3, sponsor symposiums of a series of major of international high level jointly with guild, specially invite asks global famous expert, manufacturer home, introduction, explain, office of transmission, promotion signs up for a product, new technology, new facility, new technology and new material.
4, during will nonsked hold much field press conference and action business to negotiate meeting, facilitating media has all-around successive story.

Travelling merchant analysis:

Exhibit can professional audience to distributing: Guangdong is provincial 50% , outside Guangdong province 30% , outside the condition 20%
Professional audience distributings outside the condition: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, southeast Asia, middle east, Euramerican wait for country and area
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