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The 3rd China austral border is electroacoustic technology and product exhibitio
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The industry Gao Shui that the personage inside course of study pays close attention to every year follows grand meeting------Those who not allow to ignore trade platform

Directive unit: Guangdong saves Guangdong of economic trade commission to visit Information Industry office

Sponsor an unit: Rich of article of Guangdong of guild of electron of province of Guangdong of guild of Chinese electroacoustic parts of an apparatus shows limited company

Support an unit: 7 stars of Beijing true beauty of Tianjin of group of China cable science and technology is electroacoustic (group) company

Country of Guangzhou of company of Zhejiang day happy group phototube Inc.
Shanghai flies happy Inc. is electroacoustic branch Nanjing electroacoustic Inc.
Silver flute of Shanghai of company of group of with a sunny exposure of peaceful wave city is banner acoustics instrument limited company
Tone of report of Shenzhen Ling Jia limited company of electron of far eaves of limited company Jiangsu
Ministry of the electron below Beijing pine tastes TV of limited company MII electroacoustic institute
Hangzhou is electroacoustic group of limited company Hengdian east magnetism limited company
Limited company of science and technology of United States collect of United States of company of electron of Suzhou falling-rising tone
Limited company of electron of riverside of flying benefit of limited company of international of sail of Hong Kong sea

Support media: Electron of technology of economic picture sound purchases acoustical doctor net China of radio engineering of harbor of a slender stick of incense before seeing and hearing of spare parts of electron of Hong Kong of market conditions of Xian Huicong of existence of library of electric equipment of industry of China of technology of acoustics of technology of movie theater of family of quality of electron of big market of electron of resource of electron of technology of electroacoustic technology seeing and hearing

Exhibit meeting setting:

Chinese enterprise made clear an industry to develop way. Branch of Chinese government director and electroacoustic guild are the same as broad and electroacoustic enterprise together, for look forward to
Estate development develops high quality electroacoustic product, go specialization synergic road, build electroacoustic business extroversion industry, finish OEM as soon as possible
Try hard to the transition of ODM.

Hua Na area becomes main electroacoustic product to export base. The enterprise of smooth and other places of Shenzhen, Dongguan, favour joins electroacoustic product manufacturing industry big
Army, zhao Qingjian establishs T iron to produce base, hua Na area makes electroacoustic manufacturing industry concentrated area.

Guangzhou---City of Chinese southern center. Commodity, factor of production and market network develop, be the dominant product such as industry of Chinese electron industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, seeing and hearing, newsletter industry, Electromechanical industry gather together dot, it is one of markets of China's biggest demand of electroacoustic parts of an apparatus. Suitable heart----Home appliance; Dongguan----Computer product; Grace is equal -- microphone; Benefit city, Shenzhen----Product of communication, number; Zhongshan, time Yu, Zhuhai----Electronic; brand is numerous be like: Start dimension, heart contest, Kang Jia, Kang Li, TCL, Le Hua, step by step tall, southern Gao Ke, live abroad is promoted, division amount to, love billow, resurgence, 7 happy event, division be good at... etc involve communication, home appliance, inspect dish.
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