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The 3rd China electroacoustic technology and product of 05 international microph
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Sponsor an unit: Rich of article of Guangdong of guild of electron of province of Guangdong of guild of Chinese electroacoustic parts of an apparatus shows limited company

Exhibit meeting setting:

Chinese enterprise made clear an industry to develop way, branch of Chinese government director and electroacoustic guild are the same as broad and electroacoustic enterprise together, for the state-owend enterprise development develops business to taste simple electroacoustic product, go specialization synergic road, build electroacoustic business extroversion industry, finish OEM to try hard to the transition of ODM as soon as possible.

Hua Na area becomes large loudhailer to export base. Joint ventures of Shenzhen, Dongguan joins main force of electroacoustic manufacturing industry, zhao Qingjian establishs T iron to produce base, hua Nacheng piles up collect area for cipher telegram of electroacoustic manufacturing industry.

Guangzhou, of China south gate, the window of reforming and opening, commodity, network of market of factor of production develops, be the dominant product such as industry of industry of Chinese electron industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, seeing and hearing, communication, Electromechanical gather together dot, make one of markets of China's biggest demand of electroacoustic parts of an apparatus consequently. Suitable heart -- home appliance; Dongguan -- computer product; Grace is equal -- microphone; Benefit city, Shenzhen -- product of communication, number; Zhongshan, time Yu, Zhuhai -- electron. The brand is numerous be like: Start dimension, heart contest, Kang Jia, Kang Li, TCL, Le Hua, step by step tall, southern Gao Ke, live abroad is promoted, division amount to, love billow, resurgence, 7 happy event, division · of · of · of · of · of be good at · involve communication.

Exhibit meeting general situation: Show an area: 8000 square metre, exhibit digit 400.

The audience inside course of study: Unit of professional, person of the same trade, scientific research reachs relevant visiting number to amount to 20000 person-time.

The client distributings: Agency 35% trafficker 25% agents 15% production business unit of 15% scientific research 10%

The audience organizes limits: Transformer of equipment of electric home appliances
Produce enterprise, agent, cent domestic and internationally to sell personnel of technology of business, application business, each industry and senior controller to wait greatly each;

Professional of staff of academical researcher, production, business management personnel, expert and each association, organization; Professional audience and each enterprise user come from domestic and international main concentration respectively the southeast Asia such as Yu Huana area and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Japan, United States, Germany and Euramerican country.
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