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Exhibition of acoustics of major of 2005 China Chengdu, lamplight
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Rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, the demand with simple to culture consumable people also rises ceaselessly, the competition of culture market is intense with each passing day, center of recreation of literary program, culture is in literary show organization, TV to roll out new a list of plays, new program, new project meticulously while, with using latest technology act art equipment will abound literary performance, TV the important step that the expressional strength of recreational activities of literary program, culture, appeal, appeal will come to raise him market to compete, this will be driven further act art of equipment change, also expanded the market is opposite greatly act art the demand of material new product, new technology. Accompanying western below the market environment that after be carried out stage by stage and joining WTO what develop the strategy greatly, competes increasingly, act art the communication of technology of economy of China and foreign countries between the industry and collaboration more get be strengtheninged further, more vast market space appears to act in China and foreign countries art before equipment production business and distributors.

Act to expand art the communication between equipment industry and collaboration, contented and literary show, TV is literary center of recreation of program, culture (place) etc to acting art equipment increases updated demand ceaselessly, we were in China in April 2005 western city of especially big center- - the Chengdu City holds " of exhibition of technology of acoustics of major of "2005 China Chengdu, lamplight. Believe this second exhibition hold, will be broad act art equipment produces business / the platform that distributors and professional user unit provided a commerce and communication, also bought the home to provide a reference, understanding and the absolutely good place that purchase of all kinds acoustics, lamplight to be tasted newly for each major. Current exhibition will with "2005 illume of the 5th Chengdu exhibits " the corresponding period to hold.

Invite sincerely machinery of global professional acoustics, lamplight, stage to produce business, distributors and scientific research unit to wait participate in current grand meeting, personage of major of greeting society all circles looks around!

Exhibit timeline

Cloth extends time: April 2005 10-12 day (9:00-18:00, defer of the last day comes 21:00)

Show time: In April 2005 13-15 day (9:15- 16:30, nonstop midday)

Remove extend time: On April 15, 2005 (16:00)

Limits of item on display

Equipment of ☆ professional sound and technology: Major uses tape recorder, result to put with sound console of all sorts of mike, a movement in martial arts, loudhailer, major, the equipment that confuse flute, number delay timer / reverberant unit / move frequency implement / scale down implement / equalizer / the accessory equipment such as noise reduction system and peripheral equipment, sound equipment / receive plug-in unit / ;
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