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Exhibition of acoustics of lighting of movie and TV of CCBN2005 China Internatio
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The fair of acoustics of lighting of movie and TV of CCBN2005 China International that 21-23 day held in center of exhibition of Beijing China International in March 2005 will be business of acoustics of domestic and international professional lighting to enter industry of Chinese broadcast movie and TV to offer serious business chance, it is the optimal platform of development of technology of stimulative lighting acoustics and equipment sale promotion.


Committee of major of sound of society of technology of Chinese film TV will be in exhibit hold during the meeting " 2005 acoustics and symposium of lamplight network technology " , invite famous expert and ginseng exhibit a manufacturer to have sufficient academic communication inside course of study.

New product technology is recommended -- communication of ad hoc technology is met

Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to face product of illuminate of spot of the expert inside cause client and course of study, technology functional application and management concept.

Authoritative prize-giving activity

During CCBN2005, society of technology of Chinese film TV will be held " award of project of design of countrywide TV evening party " prize-giving activity; Still will hold additionally " sound of movie and TV makes outstanding work award " prize-giving activity.

Series forum activity

"Forum of height of acoustics of 2005 worlds lighting " will invite personage of the authority inside course of study to develop the spot to address with respect to the industry.

Authoritative medium is strong hit out

TV station of CCTV, Beijing will be in exhibit during the meeting successive 3 days all-around reportorial CCBN postpones meeting spectacular event.

Organizing committee enthusiasm invites domestic and international television of movies of unit of business of production of each professional lighting acoustics, agent, scientific research, broadcast is compose, literary company of show unit, engineering attend this second exhibit meeting. Public figure of trade of wide three-year institution of higher learning of greeting China and foreign countries looks around purchase. Let us cooperate hand in hand, conspire to develop, achieve prosperity in all!

Forum timeline

On March 19, 2005 height forum on March 20, 2005 thematic seminar

On March 21, 2005 - 23 days of technology communication are met on March 21, 2005 - network of lamplight of movie and TV of 23 days of arena and new technology symposium

Significant activity is arranged

· purchases information to release: Invite each province clear company of management board of Cheng of hall of cinema of organization of bureau of TV of municipal government, broadcast film, Olympic committee, show, theater, professional singing and dancing, auditoria, odeum, municipal, city building, estate, light chemical industry, street lamp, imports and exports and. Arrange the spot that postpone business and main item to buy the home face-to-face communication.
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