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2005 China (Beijing) technology of international sound video, arena and equipmen
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Sponsor an unit:
Sound of the collection in Beijing of association of Chinese sound engineer runs advisory limited company

Support an unit:
Art of arena of China of Chinese show guild learns seminar of Chinese TV lamplight

Media support:
" international is electroacoustic market conditions " " international acts art science and technology " " electroacoustic technology " " acoustics technology " " Asian frequency " " Sai Ji market conditions " " electric equipment salon " " world professional acoustics and lamplight " " special of Chinese seeing and hearing "

Network support:
Sound of China of net of sound box of China of mechanically-laid web of arena of China of net of business affairs of acoustics of Hui Cong of net of acoustics of China of the first net resembles Chinese acoustics net of acoustics of educational net China

Special express gratitude unit:
Group of true bright and beautiful of group of boreal wide electron
Bright and beautiful flying Da Yin of art country Yun is noisy
ACE river east enterprise
EVI pioneer acoustics
TOA Shenzhen elegant song
The day achieves digital elegant horse to breath out an electron
Electron of gigantic tweezers of acute abundant acoustics
Commerce of big prosperous of elegant river photoelectricity goes
New electron of summer of Si Quande lamplight
Thunder cheats orgnaization of electronic encourage abundant
Enlighten this international east collect transmission
Na Wei is electroacoustic the banner gets the better of electric equipment
Enterprise of Taiwan former Cheng Xiange

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Association of Chinese sound engineer
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Fax: 010-81903234
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