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Couplet is achieved be good at and brand-new appear on InfoComm Asia 2008 to exh
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By the seeing and hearing of InfoCommAsia2008 Asia international that InfoCommInternational holds compositive equipment and technology are exhibited will in November 19-21 day is in Hong Kong to be able to exhibit a center to pull open heavy curtain. Should be being exhibited can be the technology of professional seeing and hearing that faces complete Asia and system compositive industry is exhibited meeting, show the staff of professional seeing and hearing that reachs Chinese area to come from an Asia solutions of a variety of technology of seeing and hearing.

As LED big screen get the person that run, couplet is achieved be good at act the role of screen with the indication screen that will carry major to be used at arena seeing and hearing, lamp, and company newest product is like card of bus screen, oil price to wait appear exhibit meeting arena, compositive business, advisory, agent and agency introduction company's newest product mixes the system that reachs Chinese area to come from an Asia at the appointed time technology. The company applies for extending a date is 7G2-04, will joining the product that exhibit is the level that is in an industry to precede at present.

Nearly 10 come for years, couplet is achieved be good at with the research and development that devotes oneself to LED to show screen industry all the time, production, sale kimono Wu works, manufacturing LED shows screen has Yi Cao to accuse, indication effect is distinct, energy-saving the characteristic such as environmental protection, already was shown at the government by wide application place of project of screen project, outdoors LED advertisement, sports, traffic guides a project, and all sorts of stage setting projects. Couplet is achieved be good at the accord that mixed product gets person of the same trade and user is approbated, the product was obtained in indication screen industry " quality has assure " public praise.

Achieve about couplet be good at and:

Shenzhen city couplet is achieved be good at with photoelectricity Inc. it is the high-tech joint stock company that a major pursues LED showing an industry, register capital 26.89 million yuan, net assets exceeds 100 million, company staff is close 500 people, the area that produces management place 15 thousand M2.

In August 2007, couplet is achieved be good at remove smoothly with new plant, make a trade inside the first also is exclusive can achieve 5000m2 to produce per month can LED shows screen produces manufacturer. October, the company built exclusive inside global course of study full automatic assemble automation line quickly, make scale of the product line inside course of study the biggest and full automatic change the LED with top rate to show screen manufacturer. April 2008, the company lays a foundation in the industrial garden of benefit city cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony, floor area is close 80 thousand square metre, everyday design of indication screen of LED of nearly 1000 square metre is produced can, industrial garden built 2009 later, couplet is achieved be good at mixed LED shows screen is produced can will reside the world the first. The company still obtained Li Jiacheng new material of general director garden and famous wind appear on the market to cast a company to add below the banner endowment.
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