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7 the paragraph savors credit life newly and give birth to Aipusheng business af
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The whole world and general of love of firm of Chinese projector lead gave birth to a company to release the business affairs projector that amounts to 7 to be tasted newly now, 7 when release this taste newly while to original SVGA and XGA product line undertakes upgrading, the product of projector of WXGA resolution business affairs that still includes 3 support wide screen, the business affairs of the user of wide screen jotter that grows in order to satisfy increasingly is umbriferous demand. Taste newly this after releasing, love general raw firm arrives in 2000 lumen 3500 lumen inside the mainstream brightness interval of projector of this one business affairs, the projector of 12 business affairs that can offer those who enclothe SVGA, XGA and WXGA resolution to have different weight and property, with satisfying the different and umbriferous requirement of user of different business affairs in the round, this also will consolidate love general is born in the lead position of business affairs projector and even integral projector market further undoubtedly.

Aipusheng (China) Lin Zhongyong of limited company vise general manager and Aipusheng (China) limited company is video manager of branch of product career ministry Mr Yu Xiaohao is tasted newly for projector together begin

Show according to newest data, 3LCD projector still is the dominant force of projector market. Regard the core of 3LCD technology as owner, aipusheng is special at 3LCD the high temperature polycrystalline silicon of umbriferous system (HTPS) sales volume of whole world of face plate of TFT liquid crystal already accumulative total breaks through 50 million, show at the miniature of projector in global application have like package rate achieve 55% . The 7 series product that releases this, in make market of business affairs projector a jumped-up force while, also will consolidate the market of 3LCD technology precedes further position.

In loving general to give birth to 7 when the company releases this to be tasted newly, EB-S6, EB-X6 and EB-W6, brightness all is 2200 lumen, resolution is SVGA, XGA and WXGA respectively, cater to the diverse use demand of the user in the round. In addition, undertake multinomial exterior and the EB-1720 that the technology innovates and EB-1725, in hold portable property while the brilliance that can achieve 3000 lumen, in order to satisfy in the demand of user of high-end business affairs, and EB-1730W and EB-1735W are Aipusheng the has 3000 lumen brightness likewise WXGA resolution projector that the company rolls out, in order to satisfy in the umbriferous demand of user of jotter of high-end wide screen.

The news briefing is tasted newly to go up in this, wide screen projector, buildup USB umbriferous function and new-style wireless join means become wide the 3 large window that get attention:

Cater to wide screen trend, 3 swords of EB-W6, EB-1730W, EB-1735W volley

Current, group of user of wide screen jotter stabilizes growth, the application that waits for a domain in advertisement, design gains ground very more, this love general gives birth to what the company releases to arrive by the introduction high-end EB-W6, EB-1730W and EB-1735W wait for 3 to be tasted newly, undoubted can perfect the jotter product that matchs this part user, among them, EB-W6 still has HDMI interface, the recreation besides business affairs of OK and contented user uses requirement.
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