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3 Nuo first rub machine contest makes musical HIGH ceaseless
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3 Nuo first rub of machine contest sign up and get machine already entered final phase, but because 3 Nuo are lasting,the N-35G of series, N-50G suffers fully fix eyes upon, cause out of stock. Accordingly, the netizen that before causing the National Day, signs up has half the number to fail to sign up successfully the sound box that get. For not disappoint is broad rub the great expectations of engine fan, 3 Nuo company is in designedly final phase open " green passageway " . Always attend of purpose rub machine contest and the friend that is full of self-confidence, all can contact mobile organizing committee directly (workaday hot line: 0755-86338342) undertake urgent sign up. Time is limited, the friend that wants to attend should make the best of time oh (sign up get machine end day is on October 15) !

Hit this rub the product all is 3 Nuo outstanding 2 electrons scale down is right box, intermediate group is the end in 3 Nuo N-35G 2 bookshelves box; Senior team is 3 Nuo N-50G box of bookshelf of 1000 yuan of admiral. On September 1 - reached to sign up on October 15 get machine time, the person that all signing up is sure to finish inside this time refer application signing up to reach place 3 Nuo agency is in the means with making deposit to get sound box (cash pledge general is in after the activity ends, retreat randomly return take part in the match person) . After getting machine end, need to be in formulary time (on October 31) inside finish dozen of Mabingdi to make plan, the player Fang Kejin that Fan Haixuan plan is seleted enters finals.

All attending that the sea is chosen and referred the player of plan, all can exceed buy low N-35G and N-50G, the person that always divide before the rank 30 is accessibility finals. The person that every enters finals all has an opportunity to acquire N-35G and 5000 yuan of stake, and but contend 10 thousand yuan of large award and get the chance that hires engineer of 3 Nuo product.

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