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The sea believes TV of LED liquid crystal to have the honor to win certificate o
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Standardize chamber of commerce of electron of institute, China to was held jointly a few days ago in Chinese industry and technology of informatization ministry electron " first Chinese flat TV is energy-saving attestation result news briefing " go up, TV of TV of TV of liquid crystal of sea letter LED, 32 inches of liquid crystal, 50 inches of plasma gained 001 mark respectively, 2 mix 3 " Chinese flat TV is energy-saving attestation certificate " , become China first acquisition " Chinese flat TV is energy-saving attestation " product.

"TV of liquid crystal of sea letter LED gains Chinese 001 mark energy-saving attestation is the important sign in course of development of Chinese flat TV, it pulled open Chinese flat TV of energy-saving tide prelusive. " land blade wave is opposite vice-chairman of Chinese electron chamber of commerce the market prospect of TV of Chinese LED liquid crystal special value. Chinese electron technology standardizes Zhao Xinhua of institute director assistant to express, in last few years, energy-saving technology obtained flat to develop more quickly, technology of illuminant of LED energy-saving back and setting brightness are self-adjusting technical application, reduced the power comsumption of the real work of flat TV greatly.

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