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Guangzhou country light is about to buy the United States patulous market of one
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Guangzhou country light announces to will be passed directional the company of acoustics company AuraSound that adds the means of hair to buy an United States, this is one hangs out this shingle in American OTCBB trading company.

Company exposure, since AuraSound holds water, devote oneself to to apply its system of development of electromagnetism patent technology and sale acoustics product, sound and acoustics component.

The financial year of AuraSound is annual came on July 1 second year on June 30, publish the year report of exposure according to AuraSound, up to on June 30, 2008, this company net assets is - 1.704 million dollar, 2008 year business income one million eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand seven hundred dollar, net profit is deficit twenty-six million four hundred and fifty-eight thousand nine hundred dollar, up to on June 30, 2008, this company already issued common stock twenty-eight million and seventy-two thousand, every par value 0.01 dollars.

2008 year, loss of AuraSound extraction intangible assets moves equipment twenty million three hundred and ninety-five thousand two hundred dollar, because this is clean asset is fluctuant to lose, also increase net profit loss at the same time. Ministry of company acoustics career evaluates value of its patent technology to be 5 million, 6 million dollar.

Before investment is carried out, auraSound has his capital stock to press first 6: 1 shrink reach about 4.93 million, again the American subsidiary GGECAmericaInc to Guangzhou country light. Issue new. The common stock that Guangzhou Guo Guangmei subsidiary invests AuraSound of subscribe of 3 million dollar to be sent newly obtains AuraSound about 6 million times to restrict the equity of 55% or right to vote.

The company shows, auraSound company embraces some to be able to use the patent technology in loudhailer of high-grade HI-FI acoustics, portable computer acoustics, mobile phone, and the client that builds in many areas and supplier channel, can expand further for the company market of this kinds of product, the strategy that implements a company develops way.

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