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Health of projector of TV of Newmann of the market that cause fire does not have
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During 11 golden weeks, each IT of big city sells the whole nation a passenger flow height that received 08 year. Besides the digital product sell like hot cakes such as mobile phone, computer, the IT this year sells much a promising young person, it is Beijing button 1999 yuan when graceful company rolls out 100 inches of radio that do not have spoke inspect projector, drew the attention of numerous consumer.

Mention TV projector, believe to may understand it a little before a lot of friends. March 2008, the Beijing Newmann company that is dominant with digital product the market insight with acumen, take the lead in rolling out the TV projector that gives priority to with domestic video entertainment. It uses LCD to demonstrate a skill, colour expression is more distinct and downy, green health does not have radiation, can be in average household environment pitching the screen appearance of 100 inches of above. It has complete channel TV to receive a function, should insert only on cable television outlet can be used, can satisfy consumer to see TV, big, play the requirement such as game.

As we have learned, newmann TV projector can be during 11 golden weeks become IT to sell the focus of field the product, with its distinctive function and superhigh sex price are compared is not divided. Newmann TV projector is indication screen with screen of Bai Qiang, metal, use reflection principle, green does not have radiation, very beneficial to human body health. In addition, newmann TV projector holds to tall sex price to compare a course all the time, price of projector of all series TV all is in 1999 -- 2999 yuan between, accord with masses consumer buy a requirement.

According to Newmann chief of department of company projector career introduces, in TV projector respect, newmann company is taking domestic market all the time, additional, newmann still will be aimed at the public place of entertainment such as building of KTV, bar, tea to roll out special TV projector, satisfy the different requirement of the user.

Modern society, the first issue that consumer buys TV has been function and price no longer, green environmental protection becomes the chief factor that consumer considers, just be function and price next. Newmann TV projector, realize 100 inches of big screen truly 0 radiate, the health of the family that is you provides safeguard, avoid suffer electromagnetism radiant worry!

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