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Sound box of Auluxe high end popularizes an activity to be started formally fall
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Auluxe of brand of high-end sound box begins to undertake the banner issues MiniHiFi is aimed at in countrywide limits since recently the promotion activity of two model AM1021 and AM2021, mobile time is on October 1 ~12 month 28 days, every buys above during the activity two sound box, can obtain give " fashionable gentleman " of the magazine subscribed to first half of the year 2009 or " round-the-world entrepreneur " of the magazine 2009 subscribe to first quarter, capacity of given free by the publisher is only 1000, send stop namely; After buying, return can register by the manufacturing lot number of sound box become VIP member, qualified enjoy Auluxe company's nonsked member to pass on an activity.

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