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Family expenses of 3 water chestnut is umbriferous and popular the market takes
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To projector industry, can saying 2008 is a very important year. Be in one this year of the Olympic Games drive under, projector market welcomed the development of saltant type, especially market of family expenses projector. Especially as concept of big nowadays screen faddish, to those customer that woo big screen, projector became their first-rate to show equipment chooses.

As consumer people deeper and deeper to the understanding of projector, they had paid close attention to the price of the product only only no longer when choose, and more looks that are an attention are put to product quality. Nowadays this contends for very intense projector market unexpectedly for, also have outstanding product quality ability to win customer only people favour.

And in market of family expenses projector, the product quality with fine respecting must mention 3 water chestnut. All the time since the family expenses projector of 3 water chestnut is having very pretty good public praise in the market, and the family expenses of 3 water chestnut is umbriferous product line is very substantial also, especially 1080P product line.

Resemble having in the market for instance know a HC3700 of spent 3 water chestnut higher, this projector is a projector that 7 the end of the year appear on the market. Compare product of projector of 1080P of other of 3 water chestnut, of HC3700 appear on the market appear silenter, but this machine was depending on the performance with excellent oneself to win a lot of attention to spend for oneself. HC3700 projector can say is collect a lot of advantage at a suit, and the 10 Reon-VX processor of SiliconOptix company was used on video processing, can bring " Hollywood character " video picture is qualitative. And its price makes work only however 20000 yuan or so, this ever made the star machine on 1080P projector market for a time.

Additional, these a few projector such as the HC4900 below banner of 3 water chestnut, HC6050 are depending on superior performance, outstanding picture to pledge valence compared expression and taller sex to also win customer people wide attention. One when in addition still 3 water chestnut just are rolled out gains ground model 1080P projector tastes HC5500 newly. It is reported, projector of this completely high-definition family expenses is those who serve as HC4900 upgrade version is faced in the market of advanced aircraft. Roll out this taste newly, 3 water chestnut offer the alternative with the 1080 new projector that tall sex price compares for the user again.

In family expenses projector more and more all-pervading today, go low all the way as the price of projector, the domestic entertainment that believes to be able to more consumer begin to plan to buy family expenses projector to abound his lives. And it is certain that projector of family expenses of 3 water chestnuts is depending on performance the projector product that can make domestic user first selection.
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