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Tin Lok Group has a China Power Sound Museum
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Tiananmen Square, PA Voice column, Fujian, Taiwan tweeter ... ... days of music into the group in "China's electro-acoustic Museum", where displays of considerable historical value of the electro-acoustic products, so that journalists feel themselves. To demonstrate the historical development of electro-acoustic, strengthen the popularization of science and education in patriotism and promote the development of electro-acoustic, electro-acoustic expertise in the country there is no case of a museum in 2009, Tin Lok Group built the "China Acoustic museum. "Museum exhibition area of 1,500 square meters, one can accommodate 2,000 visitors, the museum has a lobby, the development of electro-acoustic hall, Acoustic Museum, Museum of electro-acoustic devices, speakers Museum, Tin Lok House 6 exhibition halls, etc.. Since Since the official opening late last year, Tin Lok Group, "China's electro-acoustic Museum" has attracted many visitors come to observe.
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