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Integration of new electro-acoustic design unveiled subwoofer
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It is reported that the recent introduction of bell sound of God GF subwoofer, the "speed feedback technology" to achieve integration of electro-acoustic design, with good sound reduction, the price is only 2680 yuan, for the average family would like to set up Home theater, it is a good choice. God, GF Zhong external dimensions of the subwoofer 360mm × 400mm × 460mm (W × D × H), weighs only 26kg, another main color box with PVC, piano, black walnut and West Nan Hua several colors to choose from . Zhong GF subwoofer God with a 12-inch woofer, frequency response 28 ~ 160Hz, sensitivity 90dB, power 200W, 4 ohm impedance; speaker damping unit is very near the resonant frequency Well, a "fast close" feature; low frequency flat frequency response curve, nonlinear distortion low frequency compared with ordinary subwoofer reduced by 50% to 70%, play music, listen to more real sense of the natural , to the greatest extent To reproduce the music of the low-frequency features, to reproduce the true sound aesthetic.
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