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The power of listening - acoustic measurement HuiWei X4 full detailed analysis
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Monitor speakers (monitor speakers) in the Chinese machinery and electronics industry essays compiled the "electro-acoustic Dictionary" the following explanation, "monitor speakers": used to evaluate the program's high-quality speaker sound quality. The high performance requirements, should have wide and flat frequency response, low harmonic distortion, good point features (especially the high frequency area), large power handling capability, large dynamic range and overload of work, no . From this definition we know that monitors all aspects of the stringent requirements, the following requirements will be based on comprehensive analysis of these Swans X4 professional monitoring box. Frequency response curve is to introduce the most common audio playback device, but for ordinary HiFi speakers and monitor speakers required in terms of frequency response curve is a big difference; general requirements of a senior speaker frequency response curve "smooth", that is, as far as possible avoid large fluctuations, while the true professional monitor speakers frequency response curve for the requirements of a "flat", which means that the speaker must monitor the work of the band in the frequency response of the minimum guarantee of the loudness difference. Speaker frequency response characteristic is the most important acoustic parameters of one of the band at work is a smooth uniform response to the basic guarantee of the quality of monitor speakers. Monitors the frequency response curve should be very "smooth", that is, as far as possible to prevent large fluctuations, the more flat curve means that speakers in the working frequency band response differences within the smaller the reduction of sound is also more favorable. The picture shows the Swans X4 use the built-professional electronic filter and built-in amplifier measured in anechoic chamber in the Swans out of the frequency response curve, test high-frequency, low frequency, medium frequency set at 0dB position, low-frequency cutoff frequency set set at 60Hz position. Frequency response curve measured in anechoic chamber point of view, X4 is indeed very good frequency response curve, and more fully meet the professional monitoring the frequency response smoothness Box strict requirements. Main parameters of frequency response is 63Hz-20kHz (± 1.5dB), a full band parameters of response 60Hz-20kHz (± 2.5dB). "Carrying capacity of large power, large dynamic range and work overload-free" is the monitor speakers output sound pressure level of the request from the X4 in the anechoic chamber (free field) measurements of the output sound pressure curve point of view, the output from the 70dB 90dB or more to the shape of the curve to keep the output exactly the same frequency in the loud output pressure overload has not been compressed phenomenon. As a professional monitor box, not only obtained in a small volume full of low-frequency performance, but also can have a stable reduction of large dynamic loud output or alarm; it to ensure that the output voltage to the speaker whispered loudly from the output voltage can guarantee the same frequency response as possible, this is the speaker of the linear dynamic range. Output sound pressure curve from the point of view, X4 can continue to output more than 90dB of sound pressure, so that a high dynamic performance when used in the near field completely more than enough. Guaranteed under both the rich layers of small volume and large dynamic monitoring applications. Swans X4 active electronic filter with a professional, excellent band amplitude characteristic, amplitude-frequency characteristic flat, and there are excellent attenuation characteristics. 1.8kHz crossover in the vicinity of the frequency decay rapidly after the frequency response, thus ensuring perfect alignment features to fully restore the sound, transparent nature. Monitor speakers powered speakers frequency regulation and general different, it requires a more comprehensive and more precise and accurate to ensure accuracy in different environments can adjust the speaker's frequency response. Swans X4 has 3 high-frequency adjustment, adjustment range 3kHz-20kHz, can be 0dB / +1 dB/-1dB precise frequency adjustment. Application of frequency regulation is often used in monitoring the regulatory function, the role is that when faced with speakers placed in the corner or the desktop more reflective of the environment, as reflected sound waves create an environment in band gain of function. Slight attenuation of the IF to ensure the actual frequency response of the straight and effectively enhance the sound clarity. Swans in the 500Hz X4 near the regulation point, the exact frequency can be adjusted 0dB/-2dB/-4dB. In addition X4 is also equipped with high resistance Ni Duowei conditioning base, the edge of the box to avoid further enhance the purity of the diffraction effect. The same frequency can be adjusted to optimize the difference on the environment and compensation, HuiWei X4 adjusted basis points for the low frequency of about 100Hz, can be 0dB / +2 dB/-2dB precise frequency adjustment. High-pass frequency adjustment is the professional monitoring box set of standards, regulation and its role is similar but not equivalent to low-frequency low-frequency adjustment. On the one hand high-pass frequency adjustment will involve a sense of low volume, more important point is that high-pass frequency adjustment can be cut-off frequency of low-frequency speaker to be adjusted to facilitate collaborative work with a subwoofer, this is a very important setting project. Swans X4 has 3 high-pass frequency adjustment, adjustable low-frequency cut-off frequency (-3dB response) is 60Hz/66Hz/72Hz. Point of the monitor speakers is also very important in terms of one of the parameters, we generally consider the level of point features, but this time we gave up MLSSA the point of using the LMS test, so the evaluation can be more intuitive level of the speaker to point features. Red / green / blue curve measurement of the angle were 0 ° / 15 ° / 30 ° /. Icons can be seen from the measurements in the 15 degree angle HuiWei X4-time curve is almost no attenuation, extended to 30 degrees when the angle of post-10kHz frequency attenuation is only 2.4dB, so the quality has been completely beyond the top box on the level of monitoring points of the highest requirements. Swans X4 is a new near-field listening environment for the desktop, a comprehensive optimization of the epoch-making product monitoring, in the traditional music recordings and gradual integration of modern network today, X4 provides a platform for listeners across the times. X4 particularly suitable for online music producer, personal audio studio, audio and video editing and music enthusiasts with top-level, the reduction in various environments can be extremely accurate, real sounds, the overall performance of amazing. X4-depth experience of more Swans store and the user can go to retail stores. Swans X4 will be December 6, 2010 a comprehensive listing, so stay tuned.
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