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Transition to high-end electro-acoustic devices
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After years of development, China has become the world's first producer of electro-acoustic devices and the world's first exporter of electro-acoustic devices. With 3G, Internet of Things technology popularization, electro-acoustic devices and usher in a new golden age. Electro-acoustic devices usher in the golden period of development With the electronic machine to digital, multi-functional and thin, light, small, portable direction, electronic information systems to the network, high-speed processing, high-speed transmission and the direction of broadband, wired communications, wireless communications and portable multimedia the rapid development of products, 3G, things such as new technologies spread, etc., the development of electro-acoustic devices has ushered in a new golden age. 2015 TV speakers 450 million required, especially in high-definition digital flat panel TV in popularity, speakers will bring new development opportunities. Wired communication, wireless communication products need to use acoustic communication devices (including micro microphone, micro speaker, receiver sent) 30 million, the explosive growth of smart phone devices will provide significant acoustic communications market. Home theater, hi-fi need to use the microphone 100 million, 200 million speakers. Car audio speaker 150 million required. PC multimedia speaker system, 365 million required, wearing a headset microphone Group 1 million units. Electronic toys and other such as rural radio, keyboard, language learning and other required 500 million speakers, microphone 300 million. In summary, the domestic market to be electro-acoustic devices 5,165,000,000, of which 1.665 billion speakers, microphone 400 million, electro-acoustic communications devices 3000000000, headset microphone Group 1 million units. In 2009, the situation in the international financial crisis, China products, electro-acoustic devices are still exported 5.098 billion. According to China's export volume accounts for 40% of international market estimates, the international market every year about 12.745 billion electro-acoustic devices products. Electronic information products by an average annual growth of 10% by 2015, the international market is about to be electro-acoustic device products 22.578 billion. According to China accounted for four into the calculation, can provide our country with 9.03 billion for the electro-acoustic device product's market share. By 2015, domestic demand and international demand for electro-acoustic device products supporting a total of about 14.195 billion. Focus on developing high-end electro-acoustic products Into the information age, as mobile communications, home theater, multimedia, digital audio-visual terminal rapid development of electro-acoustic devices into a large period of development, advanced design, measurement software and equipment to enable rapid electro-acoustic technology. Fidelity of, chip, miniaturization, thin, low power, high power, multi-purpose, component-based electro-acoustic devices to become the new development trends, product safety, green is the future of its development and important factor in the market. 1. Focus on the development of products and projects Professional development, micro-devices of the digital audio sound. USB Digital Microphone industrialization. R & D for the communications products supporting the use of ultra-small, ultra-thin, high reliability, bandwidth and sound chip of the audio device. Micro-thin silicon microphone and industrialization, the development of silicon micro-receiver and headphones. R & D and a new generation of speakers to match the TV, sound system and ultra thin flat panel TV industry speakers. R & D bandwidth, low distortion, high fidelity and sophisticated technology, home speakers and speakers. R & D of high-power large dynamic high point of professional speakers and speaker systems. Cultivating a with Chinese characteristics, the international rankings to rafts and its system of high quality speakers. R & D environment resistant, high security level and high power car speaker system. Research and development of small, comfortable, high-fidelity headphones. Expanding research and development professional recording and home recording with a high level of the microphone. The development of ultra-low noise, low distortion and high output professional microphones, is a world recognized training, objective indicators, the subjective sense of the high level of quality microphones. R & D can achieve the performance requirements of the speaker of famous brands of spare parts. Magnets R & D of high magnetic energy level, the focus is Y40 class (Sr) magnets and high temperature (300C) rare earth magnets. Research and development to meet the high power, quick-drying, technology centers and strong adhesive glue and all kinds of high reliability. 2. Need to address and upgrade key technologies. Suitable device for digital audio sound digital technology, microelectronic technology and low noise, high integration of small micro-chip. Required high-quality speakers and non-doped paper cone paper cone manufacturing technology and special pulp and other raw materials. High sensitivity, bandwidth, distortion and other characteristics required for high-end electro-acoustic devices diaphragm materials and manufacturing technology. Meet the environmental requirements of the power center of electro-acoustic devices with quick-drying glue and all kinds of electro-acoustic devices dedicated reliable adhesive. Centering high stability with film manufacturing technology and raw materials. Electro-acoustic device design, testing, testing, analysis and software, key components of the design, testing software and specialized production equipment. "Twelve Five" during the 12% increase in sales revenue Acoustic industry "Twelve Five" will be "innovative products to guide the market, to the ODM, EMS development, digital, network and systems supporting electronic information machine, while actively developing high-quality electro-acoustic devices and audio equipment" for the development of ideas. 1. The main objectives of economic development. Total: 10% annual growth in 2015 expected to reach 12.75 billion (not including spare parts); sales income: 12% growth in 2015 is expected to reach 114.56 billion yuan; exports: 10% growth in 2015 expected to reach 8.86 billion; the total foreign exchange earnings: 10% annual growth in 2015 is expected to achieve $ 12,070,000,000; total profit: an increase of 5% is expected to achieve 8.296 billion yuan in 2015; product sales margin (industry average): Estimated 2015 reached 15%. 2. Technological innovation goals. To digital, high-fidelity acoustic products to promote quality electro-acoustic devices and industrial development. Encourage enterprises to establish national, provincial (city), such as different levels of technology development center, establish a sound technological innovation system and innovative mechanisms. With CAD, CAT and CAM technology research and development, production of products with independent intellectual property. Positive semi-automation, automation technology and flexible manufacturing technology to ensure product consistency and reliability. Establish a strong convergence with international standards of corporate quality assurance system. 3. Product mix objectives. Using micro-electronics technology, digital technology research, development and production of digital audio sound device, the transformation of traditional electro-acoustic devices. Development of the electronic machine and system development of the pilot with a clear and supportive of the electro-acoustic devices products. The development of new principles, new technologies, new processes or new materials with new features, new uses and new structure a new generation of electro-acoustic devices or electro-acoustic extension products. Development of core technology products, so that the overall quality of electro-acoustic devices on the grade. Actively promote the adoption of environmentally friendly "green" materials and processes, to develop "green" products, electro-acoustic devices. 4. Industrial restructuring goals. Accelerate the pace of building enterprise information and improve the overall competitiveness of electro-acoustic industry. Rational use of foreign investment, enhancing technological innovation, using high technology to transform traditional industries, the electro-acoustic industry gradually shifted from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive, knowledge-intensive industries. Foster a number of innovative ability, overall strength and international competitiveness of large companies. Professional collaboration to enhance and improve the system, encourage enterprises and institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes to establish technology innovation and strategic alliances to further enhance the enterprise, institution, the breadth and depth of collaboration, speed up transformation of scientific research. Continue to implement the "start from the part on the grade," and further improve the quality of spare parts. Play the role of industry associations to develop standards with international standards, to establish industrial security system. Related Links A wide range of electro-acoustic devices The main products of electro-acoustic devices, including the following categories. The voice signal is converted to electrical signals: microphone, microphone, pickup and so on. Acoustic signal will be converted to electrical signals: the speaker (and speaker system), headphones, receiver, and other information Xiangqi. Principles from the transducer can be divided into: electric (Dynamic) (such as electric speaker, electric microphone, electric headphones), electromagnetic (moving iron) (such as electromagnetic delivery, receiver, electromagnetic hearing Xiangqi), capacitance (including electret) (such as condenser microphones, electret microphones, electrostatic speakers), piezoelectric (eg, piezoelectric speakers, piezoelectric receiver, piezoelectric transmitter.) Coupled with the requirements of different areas, electro-acoustic devices are many varieties of complete specifications, can be achieved in a particular situation to achieve the desired effect as using the corresponding electro-acoustic devices of any kind the purpose.
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