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The province first electro-acoustic products of Quality Supervision, Inspectio
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Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision, Inspection electro-acoustic products stand completed Enping Industrial Transfer Park cut the ribbon. As the first in Guangdong Province Quality Supervision, Inspection Station, electro-acoustic products, which will greatly enhance the birth of electro-acoustic industry Enping level of product quality, promote industrial upgrading and cluster development, promotion of electro-acoustic industry bigger and stronger, the economic development of Enping will have a significant far-reaching significance. Electro-acoustic industry is an important industrial Enping pillar industry, after nearly 20 years of development, the industry from raw materials, spare parts processing to finished products continue to flourish and grow, the development of products from a single microphone to the conference system, amplifier, speakers, mixer and other products, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, industrial output value reached 1.8 billion, product sales all over the country, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions at home and abroad irreplaceable position. The city now has foreign investment, private capital audio equipment manufacturers more than 300 households, electro-acoustic employing nearly 3 million people in 2004 by the relevant national authorities to grant or named as "China's industrial base of the microphone," "microphone export base in China "title. Last September, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, Jiangmen City, agreed to build the provincial inspection station, after a year of construction, timely completion of the station. The test station test station according to the requirements of national planning and construction, the first phase press the provincial standards for building inspection station, the first phase of a total investment of 25 million yuan, 4,000 square meters of construction land, respectively, 6 floors high building, construction area 4545 m2 building a comprehensive testing and independent power distribution room, full-anechoic chamber, is the province's first provincial quality supervision and inspection stations electro-acoustic products. The set of products on sale inspection stations, research and development, testing, information, administrative services and other functions into one, the province will provide a full range electro-acoustic production enterprises and multi-level testing services.
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