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Acoustics diapason member national profession standard
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National sound diapason member profession, have in different place make a way differently. Cry in Beijing for example " acoustics division " , cry in Shanghai " tuner " , in Zhejiang the province cries " sound accuse division " , still have many places and enlighten an a general designation is the personnel making plate of hall " DJ " , call in standard of skill of our country profession " acoustics diapason member " , the national profession standard of the member that ascend acoustics diapason is picked below, the purpose is to let everybody have an accurate knowledge to this profession.

National profession standard is picked ascend - acoustics diapason member
Labor of People's Republic of China and social security ministry are made

Standard of profession of the 3rd batch of countries (service company office is sent [2002]1 date) demonstrative  

Basis " labor law of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, to perfect system of national profession standard further, for the profession education grooms the basis that provides science, standard, labor and organization of social security ministry concern an expert, made " acoustics diapason member national profession standard " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) .

One, this " standard " with " profession of People's Republic of China classifies grand ceremony " for the basis, the level that shows course of study of level one's job with objective report and it is a target to the requirement from personnel of course of study, on the foundation that in mature economy progress of development, science and technology and industrial structure change to be affected to the profession, to occupational territory, requirement of working content, skill and intellectual level made specific provision.

2, this " standard " make the demand that followed concerned technology regulations, assured already " standard " the standardization of stylistic rules and layout, reflected again it is the oriented, characteristic that is core with professional skill with professional activity, also make its are had at the same time the flexibility that has adjustment according to development of science and technology and practical, accord with groom, appraisal and the need that obtain employment works.

3, this " standard " the basis concerns cent of course of study of formulary general one's job to be 5 grade, include professional general situation, main demand, work requirement and proportion to express the content of 4 respects.

4, this " standard " finish below the joint efforts that concerns expert and actual worker in each. Attend write and authorized main personnel has: Wang Mingchen, Wang Shiquan, Yu Jikai, Xiong Guoxin, plum original, Han Xianzhu, Wang Zexiang, Song Jian, Yuan Fang, Liu Xiaoqun. This " standard " in establishing a procedure, get association of Chinese sound engineer teachs what the municipality visitting town such as committee and Chongqing, Henan, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai concerns an unit to support energetically, here along with all the others express one's thanks to.
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