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Definition of sound engineer occupational reachs relevant provision
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Sound engineer profession is the job that shows recording personnel passes recording equipment to record information (information includes: Signal of frequency of signal of frequency of language, music, Thespian, natural acoustics, factitious acoustics, imitate, number is waited a moment) .

All information signal comes true through recording method ability only, audio animal can be being recorded on the earth is the mankind, we say only the mankind can use recording the record of information of implementation of method of this one science and technology, the child in the society that discovers from inside our investigation recording profession travels in information.

Sound engineer profession is the child of information society. The mankind uses recording technology to undertake all sorts of sound and signal recording through sound engineer, recording work has transmission through media, form information chain thereby. Sound engineer profession has not gotten the attestation of national authority orgnaization in China at present, do not suit with social progress of China really. The qualificatory attestation of guild can regard name of sound engineer occupational as attestation only, move human affairs department as national service should from go up at all the existence that approbates it.

Sound engineer profession is everybody is accepted, why don't have attestation unit so? Because this type of work is a type of work in production that steps a trade,passing an analysis is, ministry of culture of total bureau of national wide report, country, MII, Ministry of Public Health has recording director etc. At present system of appraisal of sound engineer profession is in the condition that do not have foreword, MII can face profession of sound engineer of whole society appraisal, it is a when make for recording industry breathtaking big happy event, ministry of technology of association of Chinese sound engineer is willing sincerely to cooperate sound engineer occupational to groom work with appraisal.

Association of Chinese sound engineer is association of frequency of national level major, this meeting is had very tall famous degree, authoritative publication " acoustics technology " magazine, have off-the-peg professional technology committee, the normative file that has sound engineer of one a complete set of and recording quality level, there are the contact place of association or professional committee in countrywide each district. Begin sound engineer occupational to groom assessment appraisal job should say do something one knows well.

Ministry of technology of association of Chinese sound engineer is to should meet what what belong to seek advice with the technology, technical service, technology grooms, the branch that professional standard work out gives priority to.

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