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The occupation standard that video conference transmits
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According to international Telecommunication Union (ITU) statistic, have 2900 significant proposals at present (standard) , with the method that will define telegraphic network operation and interaction. But, are all levels that are used at video conference necessary really? Probably can they make the business becomes more complex only, faintness and disorder? The company is opposite the Baolitong that offers product of cooperation of open mode standard current the understanding that the importance of these standards is having profundity.
Solution of patent illicit some already brought about the client's long-term high investment, this kind of circumstance must stop. The conference and synergic establishment need find a join to nod, and the standard is in the join of these infrastructure the dot is united rise. This kind of demand allows when to be awaited than in the past want big. A kind of trend that can forecast shows, more and more clients are in produce change, they are the product that introduces open mode standard from the product change that uses patent illicit to have.

When the term that be being returned when shirt-sleeve cooperation solution is not able to read aloud fluently of a the sound of reading aloud, the enterprise that it yearns for to will apply conformity to same network to those is producing an effect, make its establishment has interconnection each other to understand ability. Agreement of communication standard, media, multilayer road by gathering together with commutative network a bit, implementation unites cooperation. It is the product of report of Avaya, Cisco, Juniper, north no matter, still be the client backbone network that the combination of these products forms, open mode standard makes applied confluence and unified cooperation communication went one case.

This opens type standard to have the main reason of principal port in video conference market namely. Just think, how be if video conference domain does not have a standard,met? It can form a battle royal that does not have foreword, the big company enough with abundant actual strength is crushing adversary, restrain competitive occurrence.

More important is, these standards make a client more convenient when choosing a solution, had the capacity that selects a product according to general standard, is not wander on a few finite supplier bodies only. Select the product that those standards did not approve, be about to as a result of,assume these levels the gain ground and is discarded risk of other technology.

We understand below a few in the level with video conference crucial domain, and if why drive synergic solution to apply in current communication period,they are.

1.H.323 and SIP
H.323 is a standard of ITU, it to communicate setting, control and effective load offerred complete set subclass. This standard is more mature, defined how with standard of circuit exchange H.320 is compatible before. On the other hand, conversation sponsors an agreement (SIP) be a when define by IETC new occurrence standard, it is to be speech, video and other multimedia application to offer what communicate to install and be controlled and design.
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