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Sound box how? See the level that evaluates sound box stand or fall
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The evaluation standard of acoustic quality has two kinds, the first kind is objective standard, namely instrument check mark is accurate; The 2nd kind is subjective evaluation standard. Among them instrument check mark is accurate (namely objective standard) it is clear, subjective standard is because of the person different, because this goes up objectively above all,should detect the performance that has given, just be good sound box and foundation, subjective of course evaluation should with " analytic strength is good (musical clear analyse is spent tall) " , " vivid sense is strong (music of sound box expression is more lively) " , " the form is good like force (sound cohesive affinity, fixed position is good) " , " available gas move (flexibility.

Next, to behave our conviction, reach friendly feeling, we can use American acoustics to evaluate library of expert DanielKymin(Daniel · bright) 5 evaluates sound box levels that gentleman not long ago raises.

(1) of speech sound, singing in phonic part should be widened

More or less to if the singing of the singer of different style sounds,bring bit of nasal sound, hair having a place covers tightly or be dry hard, OK and affirmative sound box is right intermediate frequency paragraph answer some questions.

(2) in bass should be not had lack fidelity

Of the sound in be opposite make an on-the-spot investigation to be given priority to with voice, voice is to be in about in the frequency limits of 150Hz-2500Hz, include speaking sound and vocal reputation, the coloring phenomenon that basically is the intermediate frequency that has the most easily to sound box undertakes differentiating, be like voice flabby, tone is abrupt, contain in voice apparent low heavy " nasal " phenomenon, sound dry, empty, hair is frowsty, -- these can be regarded as the blemish with apparent sound box. Even if the smallest bookshelf type sound box still also can be in low frequency paragraph some output, if hear bass auspicious its sound not very is clear, some ring too or have boom, even some scale or some group of scale are too noisy, explain sound box is right 60 it is not quite good to go to what 150Hz this Duan Pin leads to answer, if simple and honest male voice sounds,take a place " antrum sound " or it is some affectation, same specification is in this frequency paragraph inside answer not beautiful

(3) high paragraph do not give an issue

Though the composition of better music can not appear very much high (point to 10 ~ 20kHz this paragraph of) , but have in jazz and rock-and-roll apparent high, so, the jazz CD record with usable recording good quality will undertake checking listen respectfully. In disc of this kind of CD, the clear instant that always meets some can appear again and again likely transfers paragraph. Try when listening, should listen seriously have do not have depressing feeling or " have a fever friendly " people the sort of thickness that often says.
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