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Hopeful of level of mobile phone radiation publishs most mobile phone to amount
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The national level hopeful that gets all circles attention fully comes on stage inside year. Yesterday, he Guili tells the important participator that believes metric system of radiate of director of lab of Er of peaceful yield a ministry, mobile phone to decide the reporter: "Participate in metric system to decide each just are trying hard to coordinate at present, best circumstance is come on stage within year, but the news that has not cut truly at present. " this also is current till, the newest schedule that publishs about level of radiation of respect adversary machine.

Referenced Europe standard

He Guili says, because this standard is,by the country standardization management committee takes the lead, MII, environmental protection and wholesome and relevant section are participated in with all possible means, the need in the procedure that because this is in,the standard establishs is listened to and coordinate each opinion. Go up in referenced international standard for example, it is to draw lessons from SAR value not to exceed 1. The beautiful GB that 5W / Kg controls allows or relatively full SAR value does not exceed 2. The European standard of 0W / Kg? It publish this one standard when formally is more mature to publish this one standard when formally? These problems need to be participated in each on behalf of different audio just talk things over.

OK nevertheless and affirmative is, divide specific outside publishing time to still do not have final conclusion, the specific content of level of state of mobile phone radiate decides basically already, the European mark brigadier general that by international sanitation the organization recommends becomes the basis of our country standard.

He Guili expresses, use relatively comfortable Europe level to basically stem from the following at 2 o'clock reason: It is the consideration that is based on human body health and environmental protection above all, via international sanitation the organization recommends this one level, can make sure here the user below the standard uses the security of the mobile telephone. Next, consult European standard has certain actuality. "Cover a situation according to network signal, if carry out the mark brigadier of relatively severe exacting to be caused likely blindly base station brim and base the station is handed in collect the signal of place to be not stabilized, affect thereby communicate normally. Affect thereby communicate normally..

Face calmly inside course of study

The industry concussion that as regular as the other and telegraphic course of study that published recently place causes is different, the to this one standard reaction inside course of study is relatively calm.

Reporter when to ministry of public relations of manufacturer of some international mobile phone the staff member undertakes interviewing, this staff member expresses, at present this manufacturer does not have those who express to make clear to make known one's position to this one standard, and current product is the international standard production according to likeness entirely, of national level come on stage should not cause too big effect to its.
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