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EIA-426-B standard brief introduction
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Brief introduction of dish of CD of experiment of power of the first part

ANSI/EIA-426-B-1998 (Loudspeakers, optimum Amplifier Power) the standard that is the optimal power that about power amplifier make a present of gives loudhailer, by ANSI of American country Organization for Standardization (American National Standards Institute) with EIA of electronic industry association (Electronic Industries Association) release jointly. This standard is put forward by working party of committee of system of EIA R-3 sound, regard pair of EIA-426-A as the standard edit. EIA-426-A basically provided the means that undertakes acceleration life test to complete frequency system. In the to loudhailer manufactory investigation before editing, informant thinks extensively to be necessary to be opposite the problem such as duration of spectrum of signal of the experiment in EIA-426-A standard, experiment and power calculation method undertakes be examininged afresh. The 426-B standard after editing is outspread the content of 426-A, recommended power of the as biggest as what result of frequency of loudhailer photograph connective puts rated output, included the power that puts output power to fall in optimal result to compress, lack fidelity the assessment that waits for function method, say palpability is compressed in power, lack fidelity reach the acceptability that quickens the category such as life test can the limit.

Loudhailer can susceptive limit power is a very complex issue actually. It depends on each hot attaint of relevant spare parts in loudhailer and the limit that machinery damages, the electric power that follows input signal already is relevant, distributing with the such as crest factor that inputs signal, rise time, spectrum again etc a variety of elements are relevant. And, take no account of the limit power of acoustic quality and do not have how many real significance. Actually, what should pay close attention to is to be below the amplifier output power that more or less to cover with tiles more than, to great majority program, still can acquire the acoustic quality that can accept from inside loudhailer. I think, this should namely EIA-426-B standard entitle " loudhailer, optimal result puts power " (Loudspeakers, optimum Amplifier Power) reason place.

ALMA of association of American loudhailer maker (American Loudspeaker Manufacturers Association) the test signal dish that covers suitably with EIA-426-B standard at was being rolled out 2001. With will replace precious signal to produce equipment, improvement checks dependability, with period use more extensively what urge EIA-426-B standard. This piece of dish still contained the signal beyond standard of a few EIA-426-B, such as more high-frequency pure tone, and explode pronunciation is waited a moment. All signal in this dish all analyse a program to be synthesized through mathematical method by signal processing and data, use program of Igor Pro 4.0 to make Wav file on the PC. At present this piece of dish is 100 U.S. dollors in market retail price of the United States. In a lot of association related to acoustics, it is 50 U.S. dollors normally to the preferential price of the member.
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