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Electronic product term of service of bid environmental protection
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Consumer is bought now new when the electronic product such as the mobile phone that appear on the market, MP3, color television, can notice the name is " environmental protection term of service " new expression. According to what carry out since March 1 " report

Child information product pollutes control government measure " , will appear on the market in our country churchyard henceforth the electronic information product of the sale, must tag " environmental protection term of service " . Alleged " environmental protection term of service " , it is to point to a country

The time limit of safety of product environment quality with accepted border. The term of service of average environmental protection of product of common electron information: Digital camera 10 years, phone stand-alone 10 years, mobile phone 20 years, liquid crystal television 10 years, CRT

Monitor 8 years, CD 10 years, family expenses acoustics 10 years, equipment of car electron sound 8 years.

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