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Standard of portable multimedia player is about to come on stage
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Report from our correspondent recently, china banner information, associate, the manufacturer of product of number of brand of domestic a gleam of such as Founder, assemble in Chinese electron technology to standardize an institute, discuss jointly " portable number frequency / phonic video player is general and normative " those who wait for a standard is fair after show and be being released, product form a complete set checks the construction issue of attestation environment, after so that the standard is formal,be being released, what the attestation of relevant unit carries out the job is effective spread out.

Be in China, the sales volume of digital product whole such as MP3, MP4 is huge, had become except the popularity rate is top number product beyond the mobile phone. Accordingly, of this seminar hold, adumbrative move brews standard of product of long already MP3, MP4 come on stage enter timing phase, also indicate the metric system of a MP5 product decides the job to be started formally also at the same time.

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