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The United States will publish new standard of assess of safety of LED lamps and
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Chinese LED exports a company or encounter camp again
UL is beginning to develop a series of involving LED(product) safe criterion for evaluation. Recently, UL company illume engineered EliPuszkar of general manager of Department of Commerce to leak this one information, chinese LED lamps and lanterns exports an enterprise to may encounter another technology camp.

EliPuszkar says, in the technical innovation of illume domain, the application of LED is to make a person most without doubt of hearten, it will change the structure of whole illume market, its use be just round the corner extensively. It is the masses what to accept and trust euqally to make sure new LED illume product can resemble common illumination luminaries, UL already was beginning the security criterion for evaluation of LED of hand work out. When development designs a new product, manufacturing business should consider to prevent to get an electric shock, the harm of fire, physiology factor that affects safety.

UL(UnderwritersLaboratoriesInc. ) it is the organization that the United States is engaged in formulate of product safety attestation and standard safety, there is very big effect in North America and even whole world

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