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Our country car carries standard of self-discipline of phonic video industry to
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It is reported, association of industry of Chinese electron acoustics is about to promulgate " trade of system of Che Zaiyin video is global autonomic standard " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) . It is reported, " standard " formulate consulted " DVD inspects dish of machine industry to control oneself current standard " , SJ/T10730, 1997 " VCD inspects dish of machine current standard " with GB/T15860-1995 " laser phonograph is general technical condition " wait for a standard, method of the requirement that stipulated the car holds phonic video system, experiment, examine regular, mark, pack, carry reach the current requirement such as keep in storage. " standard " apply to installation to design system of video of the unifinication inside formulary position Che Zaiyin in of all kinds car, include to take or do not take small measure (≤ 10.2 inches) airborne TFT LCD two kinds of type, it is products plan, production finalizes the design the main basis with quality inspection.

" standard " the most primary 4 shares in including system of Che Zaiyin video only: DVD/CD is broadcasted, AM/FM is received, car work is put and liquid crystal shows. " standard " in the requirement such as compatibility of the performance data that offer, environmental suitability, electromagnetism, also suit to ask with the product of the near future currently only. As technical development, to the function of the product the demand can rise somewhat, also can raise new requirement. A few new technologies, new function can join Che Zaiyin stage by stage in video system, if mobile number TV is received, mobile of wireless communication, GSM/GPRS/CDMA, high-definition image shows satellitic navigation and inertial navigation, blue tooth or other short distance, much track surrounds join of sound, Internet, mobile information processing (shift handles official bussiness) , radar of backsight of game, car, number stores calorie of interface, , these will be in follow-up tall version standard try to complement stage by stage, or formulate is new named standard, but they will still with " standard " content serves as a foundation. Accordingly, " standard " the progress that formulate carries phonic video product to current car not only is very significant, still produce normative to sequel formulate very big effect.

What do not explain especially is, " standard " it is the industry self-discipline sex before occupation standard was not promulgated current standard, after once the government is in charge of a branch,issueing congener occupation standard formally, this standard becomes invalid automatically. This standard is made by organization of association of industry of Chinese electron acoustics, be in charge of explaining by association of industry of Chinese electron acoustics.

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