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Acoustics standard is analytic THX Surround EX
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THX is the cinema that blocks company of Si Ying estate to make to American Lu those who use sound system specialized standard is appellative, THX is not a kind of independence put sound system, it surrounds to logic to Du Biding the system undertook improvement, make surround acoustical effect gets farther buildup.
THX Surround EX was rolled out in September 1999, in before be being used the earliest at film strategic defense initiative, be being passed, it is Dolby and the Lucas that have THX movie estate company (Lucas Film) cooperative result, conventional major domain by Dolby accredit, call Dolby Digital Surround EX, and the attestation of civil machine gives Lucas Film is responsible, call THX SURROUND EX. Accordingly, the machine of decipher of Dolby Digital Surround EX backs on inchoate market, the Logo that hits on face plate is mark of THX SURROUND EX actually. THX Surround EX and Dolby Digital Surround EX are to build what go up in same technology base completely.

Say specificly, THX Surround EX is one is built on 5.1 track foundation 6.1 or 7.1 track system. Inchoate THX is 5.1 track system, it and Dolby Digital5.1 track are very adjacent (actually they also are to build surround to logic in Du Biding the technology on the system) . This 5.1 systems are included left, medium, right, Zun Huan is circled and right surround, the incorporates under the place of mark of low frequency question under 200Hz heavy bass track that adds depart to go out, altogether is 5.1 track. THX Surround EX is 1 is added on system of this 5.1 track or 2 surround track, it puts in original left and right sides to surround among, after calling, surround, can see, this and Dolby Digital Surround EX are same actually. THX Surround EX turns into 5.1 track 6.1, the method of 7.1 track also is mixed Dolby Digital Surround EX is same, it is to use matrix encode technology, track surrounds to use matrix to code the technology surrounds from the left and right sides namely after track surrounds to come after the depart in track goes out. That is to say, when transcribe sound effect, first hind surround track codes with matrix means interfuse is left, right surround in track, when when rebroadcast with matrix decipher means hind surround track from left, right surround the depart in track comes out. The dominant position that such doing depended on it including truer support from the beginning or beside the effect that has flown, have stabler acoustic image to foil film atmosphere and music, no matter be cinema or family,make appreciation is had more harmonious surround the effect.

Mention THX to have to mention THX attestation. THX attestation counterpoise puts equipment, for example image news source, amplifier, sound box joins wire has a stricter and particular demand even, reach this one level and the product that via Lucas attestation carries, just award THX the mark. To domestic movie theater, the mark of THX is the component that points to its system, for instance sound processor reachs loudspeaker system, accord with Lucas company (Lucas Film) THX and they particular parameter demand that puts processing. Say simply so, "THX " it is a kind of attestation norms as ISO 9001, it is standard of a kind of certificate of quality, with quality of the hardware in system of entertainment of this appraisal family, software. Always contain " THX " the product of domestic entertainment system of mark already checked through a series of strict labs and listen to phonic test, these tests are undertaken by the expert of Lucasfilm company.
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